With the aim of strengthening its relationship with ASEAN and the East Asian economies, the Indian government upgraded to ‘Act East’ policy from the ‘Look East’ policy in 2014. Also, the country plans to invest Rs 25,000 crore for developing roads, bridges and waterways in North-East over the next 2-3 years.

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We are into construction equipment, mining infrastructure and mining core. Hence these are the three main areas that we are concentrating in India and with our unique range and world-class quality tyres. We have four factories that are going at a full throttle in production and we also feel that there is huge market availability in India. The North-East region is one area which is going to grow very fast and we feel that North-East is the one area where we can definitely grow.

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Dump trucks are widely known for transporting loose material (such as sand, gravel, or dirt) for construction. However, one can only make the optimum usage of dump truck only when as a user he knows the capacities of the dump truck. In order to have the best quality dump truck, there should be a right choice of engine, transmission, axle configuration and related features.

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From L-R: Rajan Wadhera President and Chief Executive, Truck and Powertrain Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd and Nalin Mehta, Chief Executive Officer, Mahindra Truck and Bus Division and Managing Director, Mahindra Truck and Bus Limited at the announcement of the Delhi-Mumbai Service Corridor and MPARTS Plaza pan-India for Mahindra’s Truck and Bus Business.

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Among the biggest beneficiaries would be truck manufacturers and their body builders as this step will translate into demand for new trucks to replace the old ones. Muzzammil Khan, CEO, Amma Engineering Pvt Ltd

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The mining supply chain involves a series of convoluted activities spanning across operations, materials handling and logistics. End to end management of the mining distribution supply chain is an area that can benefit significantly by implementing digitalisation to streamline manual, complex processes and optimise output according to prescribed objectives.

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Palaniappan Muthusekkar, Managing Director of NORD Drivesystems Pvt Ltd has been conferred with the prestigious Udyog Rattan Award for outstanding performance in the field of industrial development of the country at the Economic Development Seminar organised by the Institute of Economic Studies (IES). NORD, one of the leading companies in motion and drive technology, has also received the Excellence Award from IES.

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Demolition activity in India has increased considering the rapid growth in the construction industry. Keeping this in mind, it is imperative to modernise the equipments to increase safety, efficiency and environmental care. CASE India is built on the foundation of innovation in product development with highest quality. The company understands the customer needs and develops equipment that meets those specific needs. As every project is unique along with its requirement, the equipment and technology is evaluated accordingly.

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Global mining is changing: rising costs, environmental pressures and health and safety have called time on traditional truck and shovel methods. As the industry becomes increasingly aware of the need for “Sustainable Mining”, the ecological benefits derived from the elimination of dust and reduction of harmful greenhouse emissions caused by truck and shovel methods are self-evident.

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The prominent factor that shoulders the success of any construction project are the Formwork systems. It is this system that plays a key role in terms of speed, quality, cost and safety of the works. The increasing developments in this vertical are leading to some revolutionary changes. Let’s take a look at some of the prominent emerging trends in formwork industry.

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