Road construction in India in terms of the quality and size is still in developing phase. In most foreign countries prefer 170 HP and above with 14-ft mouldboard size Graders. Explaining the reason why only 120-130 HP with 12-ft mouldboard size graders are preferred in India, Abhijit Gupta, Managing Director at CASE India said, “In countries which boast of freeways and mega highways, larger graders with engine power above 170 HP housing a 14-ft mouldboard are preferred. As Indian highways are turning 6 lanes and above, the requirement of larger graders is being felt, which so far was getting manager through 12-ft wide mouldboard graders with engine power in the range of 120-130 HP. This was also due to lack of availability of superior products of international quality.”
Today, customers are becoming increasingly conscious of maintaining a higher fuel economy while still getting optimum power from a grader in road applications. However, they face a dilemma of running a grader in higher horse power always. To solve this issue CASE has introduced in India a variable horse power machine in the 150 HP or 173 HP setting depending on machine application. This along with the FPT engine known worldwide for its performance and fuel economy together with the unique mouldboard design give the most fuel efficient and productive grader, informed Gupta. CASE offers options of mouldboard size in the 12-ft and 14-ft segments depending upon the application.
USP of CASE road equipmentMaximise productivity: Unique mouldboard design that provides mixing effect that does not push the material on ground but rolls it, along with VHP (150-173 HP) gives a unique mix of power and fuel efficiency.
Optimise fuel efficiency: The grader is equipped with variable horse power FPT engine renowned for its fuel efficiency worldwide. The grader is offered with an automatic ZF transmission. The machine has a multi-curvature mouldboard which reduces the resistance coming on the engine and hence reduces the fuel consumption.
Operators comfort:  For better control the graders are equipped with a forward-mounted articulation joint and rear-mounted cab, giving operators a clear sense of direction and excellent mouldboard visibility from the operator’s cabin
Structural stability and ease of maintenance: The motor graders feature a flip-up hood for easy engine compartment access. The machine design also incorporates the Case hallmark ground-level access to daily service checkpoints for quick and efficient maintenance.
Tracking and monitoring tech: The unique trip meter on the operator dashboard continuously monitors the fuel consumption, hours operated and operating temperatures. The dashboard has electronic indicators for any safety related or operation related parameters. Based on customer requirement a customised GPS solution, “Eagle Eye” can also be installed on the machine as an additional feature.   

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