Chembond introduced KEM PROOF ULTIMATE, a high quality acrylic emulsion based coating during the Acetech exhibition held in Janaury.
  KEM PROOF ULTIMATE is elastomeric in nature and has good resistance to weather and sunlight. It is single component system containing inert pigments and fillers suitable for application by brush, roller or spray. It prevents chloride ion ingress and exceeds all the requirements of a coating that resists carbonation and provides a smooth, durable and water repellent coating for concrete and masonry surfaces.
Uses• Designed to bind and to protect concrete structures against carbon dioxide, air/water born chlorides.• Also used as elastomeric water repellent coating for asphalt, timber, fibre cements and zinc sheets.• May be applied to many types of substrates particularly those commonly requiring elastomeric anti carbonation and water repellent coating like concrete bridges, highways, structures in marine environments, car parking structures, commercial and industrial buildings, flat and slopping roofs.• Also acts as heat insulator and protects from damage and reduces heat conductivity.
Advantages• It acts as a comprehensive barrier against carbon dioxide, water, sulphates and chloride ions.• Maintains its appearance and elastomeric performance with high recovery even after long term UV weathering.• Easily applied by roller, brush or airless spray.• Capable of bridging cracks and withstands substrate cracking up to 2 mm and cyclic movement up to 1 mm.• Acts as a barrier against salts and atmospheric gases.• Masking imperfections in substrate.• Protects concrete from waterborne salts.• Water vapour can escape from the structure.• Helps in reducing room and surface temperature, thus helping to keep room cool.
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