In an interview with B2B Purchase, Nexrise India discusses their strategies for realigning market demand, improving operational efficiency, and providing cost-effective height access equipment to construction projects.

What potential demand do you foresee for access equipment with the government’s push for 100 smart cities and the massive infrastructural development?

Given the Indian government’s budget of 10 lakh crore for infrastructure development, we anticipate great growth in the infrastructure industry. This will also significantly boost our height-access equipment industry, as practically every project requires height-access equipment. According to several projections, the market for access equipment would expand at a CAGR of 7.5 percent. We are well-positioned as a company and are working relentlessly to meet this demand with our comprehensive variety of high-quality access equipment and our commitment to safety and reliability.

Which advanced technologies are evolving for better operation and maintenance of aerial work platforms?

Advanced technologies are rapidly evolving in aerial work platforms, and Nexrise India is at the forefront of utilising these advancements to improve the operation and maintenance of such platforms. These technologies include remote monitoring, telematics, and Augmented Reality (AR) implementation programmes for our operators that simulate real-life scenarios and provide them with hands-on training in a safe and controlled environment, as well as IoT sensors that can provide real-time data on equipment usage, location, and maintenance needs.

By incorporating these technologies into its platforms, Nexrise India can enhance safety, reduce downtime, and optimise maintenance schedules. Furthermore, the company is continuously exploring new technologies and advancements to stay ahead of the aerial work platform industry curve.

What are the cost implications of using advanced equipment, and how will it affect contractors and users?

Advanced equipment can be expensive due to its advanced technology and specialised materials and may require specialised training. This cost may impact contractors who must factor in purchasing or renting the equipment and training workers. Users may experience higher rental rates or project bids from contractors who have invested in advanced equipment. However, the benefits of using advanced equipment, such as increased safety, efficiency, and productivity, will outweigh the additional costs in the long run.

What specific products and equipment do you offer in this segment, and what advantages do they provide?

As a top supplier of height access solutions in India, we offer a comprehensive range of customised equipment to meet the needs of diverse industries. Our product lineup includes aerial access work platforms, aluminium ladders, aluminium scaffold towers, FRP ladders, industrial ladders, Little Giant Ladders, and scissor lifts. 

These products offer numerous advantages for various applications. For instance, our aerial access work platforms provide a stable and secure platform for personnel and equipment to work at heights safely. Our aluminium ladders are lightweight yet durable, while the aluminium scaffold towers offer a sturdy and reliable option for working at heights. Our industrial ladders can withstand heavy loads and harsh environments, while the FRP ladders are non-conductive and resistant to electrical shock. 

Additionally, our Little Giant Ladders are versatile and compact, and our scissor lifts provide safe and efficient access to hard-to-reach areas. We continuously expand our inventory to offer our clients the latest and most advanced height access equipment. Our commitment to innovation ensures we continue delivering cutting-edge solutions for safe and efficient height access operations.

In what ways do technologies assist in ensuring the highest level of safety for both the equipment and the operator?

At Nexrise India, we prioritise safety regarding height access equipment. We invest in advanced technologies, such as automatic locking brakes, in our aerial access work platforms to enhance operator safety. Our ladders and scaffold towers are made with high-quality materials like aluminium and fibreglass, providing a lightweight yet durable solution. We also offer scissor lifts with sturdy rails and guardrails to protect operators working at heights. Our operators and maintenance personnel receive thorough training to safely operate and maintain the equipment. We follow strict safety protocols, including regular inspection and maintenance of our equipment to identify and fix any potential issues before they become significant problems. 

Moving forward, we are continually exploring new technologies further to enhance the safety of our height access equipment. We remain committed to meeting industry standards and practices to provide our customers with safe and reliable height access solutions.

How to improve efficiency and meet market demand for cost-effective construction products?

At Nexrise India, we constantly adapt our strategies to meet market demands and provide cost-effective products for construction projects. Our first approach is to understand the specific needs of our clients and provide customised solutions that ensure maximum safety and productivity.

To increase our manufacturing capacity and efficiency, we have invested in advanced technology and equipment, enabling us to offer our products at competitive prices while maintaining high quality and safety standards. We also analyse market trends and adjust our inventory accordingly, optimising our resources to meet demand.

Our dedicated team of experts work closely with our clients throughout the project lifecycle, providing site surveys, training, and after-sales support to ensure they receive the best value for their investment. Our strategies have enabled us to provide cost-effective products without compromising safety and productivity. We will continue to focus on these strategies while exploring new opportunities to meet the market’s evolving needs. At Nexrise India, we are committed to meeting market demands and providing the best possible solutions to our clients.

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