Discover how B2B Genie’s strategic initiatives are reshaping the construction industry. They focus beyond raw materials to deliver substantial savings and sustainable solutions.

How does B2B Genie contribute to the broader construction and infrastructure industry beyond supplying raw materials? Are there any notable projects or initiatives that highlight the company’s impact?
We aim to engage comprehensively in the project value chain, extending beyond raw materials to areas where we can add significant value. For instance, we collaborated with a major customer to complete their fabrication work on-site, resulting in substantial savings compared to their initial outsourcing plan. Our verified list of contractors facilitated this success, thereby creating value for our customers.

Another critical area in which B2B Genie is working very seriously is promoting sustainable solutions. Sustainability is at the core of our thinking, and we make every possible effort to promote sustainable products and solutions. Under our project ’X’ initiative, we have successfully delivered around 550000 MT of alternate material, thus saving precious natural resources. We promote fuel-saving devices to all our industrial and infrastructure customers, thereby saving them money and lessening the impact of pollution.

How is B2B Genie incorporating smart building materials into its product offerings to enhance project outcomes?
B2B Genie supplies WEP panels that directly replace existing Plywood and Steel-based panels. WEP is an eco-friendly material that gives customers a higher ROI. What’s more, these come with a buyback scheme as well! B2B is also partnering with a company to supply Cement savers with better durability guarantees, new innovative raw materials for the construction chemical industry, food-grade coating material for the food packaging industry, and various new-age items with a focus on sustainability and the promise of making the world a better place to live in.

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Integration with ERP and CRM systems is crucial for seamless operations. How has B2B Genie integrated these systems to enhance customer relationship management, order processing, and project management capabilities?
Our integrated ERP and CRM system helps provide an enhanced buying experience and after-sales support for all our customers. We have developed a system with an Indian company that covers the entire life cycle of product selling, from lead generation to sourcing to selling, and provides after-sales services to the customer to ensure error-free, seamless, and faster operation.

What measures do you take to ensure the safety and reliability of the products/equipment you offer? Quality and timely delivery are the essence of a long-term and sustainable relationship between the client and supplier. We supply the right quality materials from our verified and certified supply partners, who guarantee the quality of products with complete traceability of brand, batch number, and test reports. We also facilitate third-party inspections on a case-to-case basis if required.

How do you manage logistics and customer support across different geographies?
Our dedicated operations and supply chain team works seamlessly in shifts to cater to every order and ensure we deliver what we promise, thus creating customer delight. Our IT system helps us monitor the logistics in real time, provide feedback to the customers, and resolve any issues.

B2B Genie Pvt Ltd - B2B

How is B2B Genie contributing to environmental sustainability, and what are your plans in this area?B2B Genie is deeply committed to advancing eco-friendly green materials, reducing CO2 emissions, enhancing water and energy efficiency, minimising waste and unwanted emissions, and improving overall environmental quality. We are on the brink of launching innovative products poised to set new industry standards.

In addition, B2B Genie works closely on projects involving the supply of drinking water, offering high-quality products and assisting clients in finishing their work on schedule.

What are the highlights of last financial year?
In the last financial year, B2B Genie achieved a turnover of INR 345 Cr while maintaining positive EBITDA. We have recently expanded by opening a new office in Bangalore and are now serving customers across 25 states in India from our 5 offices nationwide.

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