Waste water found in ground water wells, effluent water waste from industrial and households containing generally high levels of contaminates of organics, micro organism as well as nutrients and toxic compound. To remove the contaminants from waste water, its need to pass through different phases of treatment such as solid contaminates removal, chemicals treatment, biological treatment etc.

The company would like to highlight the solid removal technologies by means of mechanical separation commonly known as filtration process. These contaminants are separated/ retained by the filter system passing through filter media. This solid contaminants need to be cleaned/replaced over a period of time due to deposition of the particles over the surface of the filter element/cartridge which restrict the flow rate in the process. Now the element and cartridge would be either cleaned or replaced based on the requirement and demand of the application. Replaceable cartridge affects the running cost of the systems as well as the maintenance time. Hence most of the treatment industries prefer cleanable type of filtration system. Two method of cleanable is possible, manual cleaning and self cleaning.

Manual cleaning: Manual cleaning requires more man power and maintenance time. While self cleaning system offers ease and smooth operation without interrupting the process to fulfil the demands of the industries. Filter concept Pvt. Ltd. come with most innovative and revolutionary product self cleaning system and its patent products.

Self cleaning: Self cleaning systems offers ease filtration with fully automated controlled operation. Filter concept provide wide range of self cleaning systems below:

• Scrapper type self cleaning system
• Auto backwash type self cleaning system
• Auto back flush type self cleaning system
• Disc type self cleaning system

Scrapper self cleaning system: Constructed with filter element drain valves, scrapper mechanism geared motor and control panel and can be offered with various material of construction as mild steel, SS 304, SS 316, carbon steel etc. The process takes place from inside to outside and contaminants are deposited on the surface of the filter which increases the pressure drop. The control panel senses the pre set value achieved by the system and gives signal to motor, valves to operate. The motor drives the scrapper mechanism built with PTFE/nylon brushes clean the surface of the deposited element and are drained through the electrical operated drain valves. During the cleaning process the pressure drop subsequently reduces and reaches its initial pressure drop. The most interesting fact is that during the cleaning process the operation doesn’t interrupt the flow rate. System has wide range of flow rate 2000 M³/hr and more and can be designed with micron range from 2 micron to 3000 micron.

• Smooth & ease operation
• High efficiency filtration
• No maintenance work required
• Low running cost
• Low maintenance cost
• High profitable for industries

To meet the demand of water supply. The waste water industries need to implement the reusable technologies and with such high development products the company tried their best to provide the solution for the water treatment industries. The company claims that in recent days these products demands shows marginal increase among the industries and Filter Concept with their resources department will come out with more innovative products for the upcoming days.

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