In the dynamic world of Indian construction, formwork and scaffolding are not just tools but catalysts for transformation. With cutting-edge technology and soaring demand, this sector is shaping the future of safer, swifter builds across the nation.

Major technological advancements, increasing demand, and regulatory support are driving notable growth and stability in India’s formwork and scaffolding sector. These innovations have led to the development of new and improved scaffolding formworks, significantly accelerating construction processes while upholding the highest safety standards. 

As infrastructural and residential developments expand across the country, the demand for scaffolding and formwork rises in tandem. Modernisation is a continuous process in the infrastructure sector, leading to rapid changes and the development of new and improved scaffolding formworks. These innovations have significantly accelerated construction processes while maintaining the highest safety standards, improving quality, and optimising costs.

Competitive dynamics in the market
The marketplace for formwork and scaffolding in India is marked by competitive dynamics among key players, with a steady growth trajectory. The market share is distributed among several leading companies, each adopting strategic measures to enhance their market presence. The increasing adoption of these strategies is predicted to drive market growth throughout the forecast period, ensuring a competitive yet thriving environment.

Rising demand driven by urbanisation
There is no sign of sluggishness in demand for formwork and scaffolding in India. On the contrary, the demand is rising due to population growth, urbanisation, and evolving consumer preferences. The Indian government is also playing a significant role by adapting and utilising advanced technology in housing and infrastructure projects, further bolstering the sector.

Outinord’s formwork: speed and efficiency
Outinord stands out in the market with the fastest cast-in-place construction technology globally. The company focuses on industrialising the construction process, providing building technology that allows for daily casting, thereby significantly reducing project timelines. Outinord’s solutions offer several key advantages: they shorten construction timelines by achieving a daily cycle, reduce project costs by requiring only 10 to 15 unskilled labourers with one supervisor, and eliminate the need for plastering due to achieving a fair-faced finish.

Exceptional projects with Outinord formworks
Outinord has been involved in several exceptional projects in India, demonstrating its capabilities. For instance, for the NH 68 Highway project, Outinord supplied piers measuring 1.75 meters by 1.75 meters and up to 6 meters in height to Wagad Infra Projects. They also provided a precast mould for the pier cap. This enabled Wagad Infra to cast the pier and pier cap in a single day, drastically shortening the project timeline and enhancing efficiency and quality. By utilising Outinord’s advanced formwork technology, Wagad Infra significantly reduced labour costs, ensured higher quality, and accelerated project completion. This project exemplifies Outinord’s ability to deliver exceptional construction solutions that are cost-effective, time-efficient, and maintain the highest levels of durability and safety.

Versatile column forms
Outinord’s column forms are another testament to their innovative solutions. These simple, easily adjustable forms allow for the quick construction of support and architectural columns in rectangular or square shapes. A team of no more than six personnel can complete eight columns in a day, showcasing the efficiency of their technology. The pier formwork is cast-in-place and tie-rod-free, with adjustable pier caps available, allowing clients to use a single mould for various sizes.

Broad sectoral reach
Outinord’s products cater to a wide range of infrastructure segments. Leveraging extensive experience from completing numerous infrastructure projects worldwide, Outinord offers a new product range that caters to segments such as retaining walls, box culverts, ESR, flyovers, LVG, bridges, tanks, STP, canals, nuclear projects, stadiums, dams, and more. This versatility highlights Outinord’s capacity to provide tailored solutions for diverse infrastructure needs, solidifying its position as a key player in the formwork and scaffolding market.

India’s formwork and scaffolding market is on a robust growth path, driven by technological advancements, increasing demand, and strategic market dynamics. Companies like Outinord are at the forefront, offering innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, quality, and safety in construction projects across various infrastructure segments.

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