Modern doors and windows are having endless transformation in the segment of hardware that were till date used in them. Customers nowadays are well aware of all modern technologies and try to sync them with their homes.

“Everyday hardworking team of engineers and workers spend sleepless nights to develop new technologies and invent or re-invent new materials to create better hardware which makes the use of our windows and doors easier to use, secure our families and which is more efficient for the environment. Living in the golden era of mankind we are presently enjoying the best combination of technology and asthetics in our lifestyle,” says Amit Chakrabarti, Director, Saicon Hardware.

Below mentioned are few latest inventions and trends on doors and windows hardware:

1. Lockitron
An app based keyless locking system for your main doors is a device which can lock and unlock deadbolt locks of almost any kind of casement main door via remote control, typically a smartphone. The device fits over to the lock control mechanism on the inside of a door and the door can be unlocked via an app on the phone or via web control. Phones with Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0) can also unlock the door when authenticated. Temporary virtual keys can be created for guests and repair contractors etc. The virtual keys can be distributed over the internet and revoked on demand. The door also can be unlocked via a sms (key) for those without a smartphone. The original lock also works with traditional keys as well and sends a notification in the phone of the owner as soon as someone opens the door with the traditional keys. It also has a knock sensor which senses the owner or assigned person and opens the locked door simply by knocking.

2. Milgard smart touch window lock
Developed by Milgard the vertical upvc window lock is sleek, slim, modern and easy to operate. “One doesn’t have to pinch, squeeze or twist the smart touch window lock to open, close and lock. This lock operates with one effortless single motion. This was really a problem with vertical upvc sliding windows, which is also a new concept in India. This lock has already won numerous awards regarding ease of use and its impact on quality of life. The lock is tough too. The lock has already been tested of over 2 Lakh cycles unaffected. That is equivalent to a usage of 5 times a day for more than 100 years – another unique product which will definitely create its impact,” states Chakrabarti.

3. Peeple
Caller ID for your main door, the Peeple is a disc shaped device that’s designed to attach to the inside of the door either on a peep hole or glass. It is battery powered and is equipped with a camera as well as motion and movement sensors.

“Since the Peeple is wifi enabled and works in tandem with Android and iOS apps; it’s supposed to send a picture alert whenever someone knocks or opens your door. And it should work whether you are at home or not. Now you will never miss whoever came to your door when you are not there in the house. It instantly sends you picture of people on your smartphone whenever there is a movement in your front door,” says Chakrabarti.

Process automation with the help of new technological resources (chiefly software) has led to greater efficiency in any Industry. In fact, software has become the most distinctive requirement for businesses that are scaling up.

For the past many years, many traditional industries in India, including the fenestration industry, are gradually making a paradigm shift towards software solutions that are holistically developed to cater to their specific requirements.

“In a scenario where automation is synonymous with efficiency, growth and profit, can the manufacturers afford to ignore the same? They may wonder, is it the right time to seriously evaluate the need for a software solution to help the business grow? Do you still use outdated methods like excel sheets? Do you lose out on potential customers being unable to quote them in time? Does your current tool fall short of your expectations? For a manufacturer, these translate to manual errors in profile calculations, delayed quotation making, over stocking of raw materials and raw material wastage,” explains Dhaval Bhagora, Marketing Manager, Windowmaker Software.

The manufacturers can simply overcome these bottlenecks by adapting an apt software solution. Software lets the user take control of all the elements of ‘making a sale’; from creating a quotation to the point of invoicing. An attention-to-detail approach, with key benefits like cost saving and efficient order processing, ensures all the requirements of the manufacturer, are met.

Since hand drawn quotations are passed fast and accurate computer generated documents have become imperative. Complex calculations required to arrive at an estimate (which was time consuming yet not entirely accurate!) are no more a concern.

“Windowmaker is such a versatile and one of the world’s leading software for window and door industry. It swiftly calculates quotations with precise figures based on the actual profile and material usage. Also, reduce profile stock wastage as it optimises the cutting sequence. Regulate inventory control to avoid any financial discrepancies. Create an array of pre-configured, analytical and managerial reports that provide up-to-date information for analysis and decision making,” says Bhagora.

Different manufacturers have diverse requirements and according to Bhagora, Windowmaker’s unmatched versatility makes it very easy to use, giving manufacturers greater control over their operations with increased productivity and efficiency.

“The fenestration industry, in a bid to improve its performance can no more ignore the need for software solutions that address its issues and cares’ enough to resolve them. Windowmaker strives to fulfil these requirements as it provides successful tools to each segment of the fenestration industry – from a small, single-site to multi-site, multi-national manufacturers,” concludes Bhagora.

The fenestration industry, in a bid to improve its performance can no more ignore the need for software solutions.
Dhaval Bhagora, Marketing Manager, Windowmaker Software

One doesn’t have to pinch, squeeze or twist the smart touch window lock to open, close and lock. This lock operates with one effortless single motion.
Amit Chakrabarti, Director, Saicon Hardware

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