Elevate your asphalt production with Vibrant’s advanced batch mix plants, setting new standards in efficiency and sustainability.

Vibrant’s advanced Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Models are designed to revolutionise the asphalt production process. These cutting-edge models are the result of years of innovation, engineering excellence, and a commitment to sustainability. With superior efficiency, reduced emissions, and enhanced control capabilities, our advanced asphalt batch mix plants are setting new industry standards.

Key features of Vibrant’s asphalt batch mix plant models

Energy Efficiency: Our advanced models incorporate state-of-the-art burners and heating systems, optimized for energy efficiency. This reduces fuel consumption and minimises greenhouse gas emissions, making them environmentally responsible choices.

Precision Mixing: These plants feature advanced control systems that ensure the precise mixing of aggregates, binders, and additives. This results in high-quality asphalt mixes with consistent properties, meeting stringent industry specifications.

User-Friendly Interface: The user interface is designed for ease of operation and real-time monitoring. Operators can effortlessly adjust settings, monitor production parameters, and diagnose issues, promoting operational efficiency and minimising downtime.

High Production Capacity: These models are engineered to deliver high production capacities, catering to projects of various sizes. From small-scale road repairs to large infrastructure projects, our plants offer flexibility and scalability.

Reduced Maintenance: Innovative design elements and robust construction reduce the need for frequent maintenance. This not only saves time and resources but also ensures reliable and continuous production.

Emission Control: Advanced emission control technologies, such as baghouses and scrubbers, are integrated to capture and reduce harmful emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment and regulatory compliance.

Rapid Setup and Mobility: Some models offer enhanced mobility features, allowing for rapid setup and relocation as project requirements change. This flexibility is invaluable for contractors on the move.

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance: Remote monitoring capabilities enable proactive troubleshooting and maintenance, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

Benefits of employing these models

The batch mix plant model offers consistent, high-quality asphalt mixes that meet project specifications while ensuring durable road surfaces. They further minimise the energy consumption and maintenance costs contributing to lower operational expenses. Even the operators have precise control over the production process, optimising resource utilisation. They are versatile in application areas and are suitable for a wide range of projects from minor repairs to critical construction endeavours. Moreover, these batch mix plant models’ lower emission and sustainable practices are aligned with the environmental regulations and CSR goals. 


Road Construction and Rehabilitation

Airport Runway Construction

Highway Expansion Projects

Parking Lot Construction

Urban Infrastructure Development

Available Capacities: 

VBA 120 – 120 TPH 

VBA 140 – 140 TPH

VBA 160 – 160 TPH

VBA 180 – 180 TPH

VBA 220 – 220 TPH

VBA 260 – 260 TPH


Vibrant’s advanced Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Models represent a significant leap forward in asphalt production technology. By offering improved efficiency, reduced emissions, and unparalleled control, these models empower contractors and asphalt producers to meet the demands of today’s construction industry while upholding sustainability standards. Whether it’s a small road repair or a major infrastructure project, our advanced models are your reliable partners in achieving success. Choose innovation, choose sustainability, choose Vibrant Asphalt Batch Mix Plants.


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