In an interview with Haulotte, a leading manufacturer of access equipment, we discuss the evolving technologies for better operation and maintenance of aerial work platforms.

What potential demand do you foresee for access equipment with the government’s push for 100 smart cities and massive infrastructural development?

India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Despite being in a VUCA world and coupled with the global threat of recession, India, among the few other countries, is performing well. The government is laying major emphasis on infrastructure development across the country. The Bharatmala and Sagarmala projects are progressing rapidly, with new major airports (Navi Mumbai & Jewar-Noida) and of course, the 100 smart cities project. More infra-development activity involves an increase in working at heights at the project sites. In today’s world, both safety and productivity are very important and interlinked. We anticipate that the potential demand for access equipment will be increasing significantly over the next few years.

Which advanced technologies are evolving for the better operation and maintenance of aerial work platforms?

Over the past decade, advanced technologies in access equipment have been rapidly evolving, and HAULOTTE, as a leading manufacturer, has been incorporating these innovations to make their new generation machines more user-friendly and easier to maintain. The latest models come with various advanced features, including the Activ Energy Management system for optimizing battery usage and life, the Activ Lighting system with integrated lights to increase visibility, and the HAULOTTE Stop Emission System that automatically turns off the engine when not required. Additionally, the machines also have an Activ Shield Bar 2.0 anti-entrapment secondary guarding system and the Haulotte Activ Screen, which provides on-board diagnostics that display operational parameters, identify faults in case of a breakdown, suggest the location with an exact pictorial display and probable repair solutions. These features enhance safety and efficiency, making aerial work platforms more reliable and effective.

Which products and equipment do you offer in this segment, and what are their application advantages?

Haulotte offers a complete range of access equipment, including Articulating & Telescopic Boomlifts, Vertical Masts, Scissor Lifts, Low-level Access, and Push Arounds. Our equipment ranges from 6m to 43m working height, ensuring that we have the right machine for every application. Choosing the correct equipment is crucial to ensure productivity and maintaining safety standards for each job.

How are technologies helping you ensure the maximum safety of equipment and the operator?

At Haulotte, we are always evolving. Over the years, our Design and Product development teams have been tirelessly working on creating newer and safer machines incorporating newer technologies. In terms of equipment safety, our machine-embedded safety systems ensure that both the product and the operator have maximum safety.

Features like the ACTIC SHIELD BAR 2.0, which is an anti-entrapment secondary guarding system, and the ACTIV LIGHTING SYSTEM, which increases visibility in the dark, all ensure maximum safety for the equipment. The other features of ACTIV ENERGY MANAGEMENT, STOP EMMISSION SYSTEM, and the heavily featured ACTIV SCREEN ensure maximum safety and optimum efficiency of our equipment.

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