ConstructMonitor is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that Neilsoft, a focused provider of Engineering Services & Software Solutions (ER&D) for global customers in the AEC/Construction, Manufacturing, and Industrial Plants areas, has launched.

To address construction project quality issues in larger construction projects like commercial offices, high-rise buildings, data centres, hospitals, industrial plants, factories, malls, IT parks, and other infrastructure projects, Neilsoft and Tokyo-based Fujita Corporation collaborated to develop the solution.

The Building Information Modelling (BIM) approach is being used in a number of large-scale, intricate building projects throughout the world. It unifies different stakeholders, including owners, architects, engineers, and contractors, with a single source of truth throughout the project by using a Common Data Environment (CDE). Construction quality and deviation from as-designed BIM models during the construction phase remain an issue, even though BIM adoption has increased dramatically throughout the project’s design phase. ConstructMonitor was created to detect deviations from the BIM model as intended and to provide improved quality and progress monitoring.

The construction sequence is affected in a cascading manner by quality problems found at the construction site, such as missing structural pieces, erroneous element sizes, and design deviations. These also result in delays, material waste, safety risks, cost overruns, and the requirement for rework. Using LiDAR-enabled iPhones (daily or weekly) and/or terrestrial 3D laser scanners (once a month), ConstructMonitor allows General Contractors, EPC firms, Architects, Project & Construction Management firms, and Owners to remotely monitor design deviations at construction sites (vis-à-vis Design BIM models). Our cloud platform transfers point cloud data that captures the reality of a construction site to a processing server. There, object-level comparisons with the BIM design data are performed by specialised algorithms to detect any differences.

Speaking at the launch, Raghuram NM, President of Neilsoft India Solutions Business, says, “Neilsoft’s BIM journey started around 2007, and we have been fortunate to get to support leading architects, engineering firms, / Contractors globally on several BIM projects. BIM as a methodology has seen increasing acceptance over the last 15+ years and the construction industry today is very actively embracing technology to improve efficiencies across the project life-cycle. At Neilsoft, we are constantly investing in developing multi-disciplinary engineering and technology capabilities to add higher value to our customers in their Digital Transformation initiatives. We are developing our IP-led Solutions to address real-world customer challenges across the Design-Construct-Operate phases and ConstructMonitor is our first IP-led solution for addressing Quality issues during the Construction phase.”

For every client or project, ConstructMonitor is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) option that may be installed on a public or private cloud. The system enables distant users to ascertain the correctness of the structure that is still under construction, and it provides customisable visualisation capabilities and user-friendly dashboards that offer a comprehensive perspective of the construction project. Early detection of costly variations and faults in the construction project lifecycle facilitates quick remote monitoring of quality and progress without requiring frequent site visits, helps regulate construction quality, and maintains projects on schedule.

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