Please, talk about what’s unique about your rental range.

Our rental fleet comprises the young fleet with new or within five years of age equipment. Hence our customers experience fewer breakdowns and higher productivity. Our fleet is an all-range fleet comprising scissor lifts, vertical masts, boom lifts, spider lifts, scan-climber etc., with electric, diesel, hybrid, and bi-energy power options for rental. Thus, clients can choose the best option suited for their working environment.

We are an exclusive authorised dealer of niftylift (UK) for India. The niftylift products promote the go-green initiative and work extensively towards reducing carbon footprint with low emission and low fuel consumption, which is also low in weight machines and best in class stability. It comes in electric, bi-energy & hybrid versions.

How is the construction equipment industry coping with the standard-specific challenges?

Everyone faces significant challenges concerning the supply of new equipment: prolonged delivery periods and spare parts availability. On the positive side, the current phase signifies that the construction equipment industry is at an all-time high. We are seeing many new manufacturers focusing on the Indian market; at the same time, rental companies are raising their bars by adding brand-new equipment to their rental fleet.

How far is fuel efficiency a critical factor in equipment purchases against cost or uptime?

Fuel is the major recurring cost to any user, and increasing fuel costs and pilferage add to their burden. Hence, customers are now opting for electric, bi-energy & hybrid versions to avoid recurring fuel charges.
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What trends do you see in the industry for buyback and recycling?

We are working on a buyback model, and we thank our principals for their extended support. Currently, very few manufacturers are working on buyback models. In India, older equipment is generally scrapped or used for cannibalisation purposes, as there are no proper guidelines for scrapping or recycling. Once they are in place, we can expect the manufacturers to focus more on the buyback model. In the last five years, we have seen that authorities like the pollution control board and national green tribunal etc., have got more stringent norms on emissions and older automobile engines. In future, we can expect stricter guidelines on construction equipment as well for emissions & recycling. We have also observed a steep rise in imports of new equipment in recent years, and we will see further increase in coming years. This is also a major reason which will enhance the probability of buybacks and recycling of old machines by the OEM.

Do you notice any shift in the procurement pattern for equipment solutions?

Yes, there is a major shift. Before, clients were only price sensitive and less oriented towards the features and safety aspects of the equipment. But nowadays, clients are more focused on technology, build quality, safety features, fuel consumption, technical & aftersales support etc.

Rentease International LLP_B2b Purchase

How does your range of solutions complement sustainable construction and infrastructure?

We have an all-range young fleet with electric, diesel, bi-energy, and hybrid power options. We have solutions for all users working in different segments like construction, facility management, events, working in sensitive environments etc. We are also known for supporting our customers who require short-duration equipment. Hence, we provide not only all- range of fleets but also a range of solutions to provide the best customer experience.

Can you talk about the initiatives in your organisation to reduce, reuse and recycle?

We believe that global warming, polluted air, climate changes etc., are not good for our human race, and we must do our best to stop this. It is a long process, but we can start by following the major 3 R’s Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Thus, we are adding & promoting more electric, bi-energy & hybrid equipment. We are encouraging our clients to sell their old equipment to us and buy brand new equipment, and we recondition the old machine in-house by our experienced technical team. We also ensure that authorised agencies safely dispose of all hazardous waste in our warehouses, like oil, batteries and other hazardous materials. Thus, we recommend one and all take the 3Rs seriously, saving our planet and the human race.


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