The concept of a universal valve suitable for every conceivable application is a fallacy.

How do you see the growth of Indian Valves Market? What are the challenges and opportunities?
India as a developing country still has to go a long way even though it has made a considerable progress in the Industrial sector already. Still more industries are coming up steadily. As and when Industry grows the demand for valves –both in varieties and volume increases. Caliber valves Pvt Ltd. plays its role in meeting this demand by developing and making the valves readily available for needy customers.

What do you suggest for effective maintenance for valves in fluid processes?
Caliber Valves Pvt Ltd. believes that there is no universal valve suitable for every conceivable application in the Industry. Each application has its own specialities and limitations. Selection of a suitable valve for a specific application at the initial stage minimizes if not eliminates the operational problems with the valves. We believe in “There is no Good Valve or Bad Valve- It is only the Right Valve or Wrong Valve for the specific application.”

What are the features and benefits of Caliber Valves compared to other players?
As mentioned earlier we try to offer “Tailor made” valves to our customers after studying the application conditions thoroughly. Our valves are designed and made to suit the application in terms of Operating pressure, Operating temperature, the medium of flow, functional requirement of the valve, criticality of the service and easiness of servicing the valve

What is your outlook for capitalising global market opportunities now?
Indian Engineering products have proved their worthiness on various occasions in practically all parts of the globe in every type of industrial application. Indian engineering products could meet and excel any type of competition in terms of good and reliable products at competitive costs

How far imported products impacting domestic competition for valves market?
One cannot completely prevent and stop the other valve products coming into the Indian Market to meet the requirements of “Use and throw” applications. For more critical applications the customer is aware of the quality, reliability, availability and costs of suitable Indian products and they use their discretion in selecting the valves whether they are Indian or otherwise.

We believe in fair competition which gives an opportunity to develop our skills and technology to meet and excel any world standards.

E.Sekar, Managing Director, Caliber Valves Pvt Ltd.

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