Empowering Building Material to Home Decor Industries for Tomorrow’s Challenges.

Ever wondered how the Indian B2B e-commerce market skyrocketed from 5.6 billion USD in 2021 to a projected 60 billion USD by 2025?

The Indian B2B industry is at a crucial point, driven by factors like increased digital adoption, a well-established digital infrastructure, and favourable regulatory policies, setting the stage for B2B e-commerce marketplaces. A key catalyst in the B2B e-commerce sector is technological advancements and evolving customer expectations. To stay competitive, businesses are turning to digital solutions.

That’s where Growder steps in – a transformative B2B e-commerce platform designed to tackle challenges. Growder focuses on digitalization, data-driven insights, and seamless operational experiences. Specializing in building materials and home decor, Growder connects manufacturers and retailers nationwide, fostering seamless networking.

The Idea Behind Growder

Growder was founded by our esteemed founders Mr Satish Maniya, Mr Ramesh Kakadiya, and Mr Sunil Shah. The founders recognized the highly unorganized nature of the building materials and home decor sector. To address this issue, they envisioned creating a platform that directly connects manufacturers and retailers, simplifying buying and sourcing.

Meet Our Stakeholders

Growder opens the door to new possibilities, providing manufacturers, retailers, channel partners, and growth partners with bespoke solutions for seamless growth and success. Explore the distinct advantages tailored for each stakeholder within our dynamic B2B commerce ecosystem.

Manufacturers: Growder empowers manufacturers by offering the opportunity to expand their retail network nationwide. Manufacturers can easily list their products on the platform and efficiently manage the entire order process by digitally connecting with retailers directly on the platform itself.

Retailers: Growder enables retailers by offering a platform where they can access a wide range of national and international brands for sourcing. The platform also provides retailers with the opportunity to connect with manufacturers nationwide, fostering valuable business relationships.

Channel Partners for Retailers: At Growder, channel partners play a crucial role. They seek out retailers, bring them on board the platform, and assist, in resolving any issues that may arise. In return, channel partners earn commissions from the orders placed by retailers on Growder.

Growth Partners for Manufacturers: Growder invites growth partners to join and onboard manufacturers onto the platform. Growth partners earn commissions with each manufacturer order, allowing them to expand their network and foster professional relationships.

Growder for Manufacturers

In today’s B2B landscape, businesses face challenges like limited reach, order tracking issues, low sales, and payment insecurity. Growder innovates to address these challenges, aiming to redefine B2B with a reliable platform for manufacturers and retailers.

Nationwide Retail Network

Growder links manufacturers with retailers nationwide, fostering widespread product distribution and establishing partnerships in diverse markets across India.

Enhanced Brand Exposure

Growder boosts brand visibility for manufacturers through a dedicated platform, featuring strategic positioning, listings, and marketing initiatives. This enhances exposure, simplifying brand discovery and engagement for retailers.

Efficient Order Management

Simplifying the complexities of handling large order volumes, Growder’s order management system allows manufacturers to process, track, and manage orders in real-time. This ensures a streamlined workflow, minimizing errors in the order fulfilment process.

Comprehensive Logistic Support

Addressing supply chain challenges, Growder provides manufacturers comprehensive logistic support. This includes efficient shipping, real-time tracking, and coordination for timely nationwide product delivery.

Prompt Payment on Delivery

Ensuring financial predictability, Growder’s payment system ensures manufacturers receive timely payments upon successful delivery. This feature enables effective cash flow planning and management.

Revenue Growth

Leveraging Growder’s nationwide reach, manufacturers tap into new markets and customer segments, leading to a substantial revenue increase. The expanded presence allows reaching a larger pool of retailers and consumers.

Supply Chain Financing

Growder provides manufacturers access to supply chain finance solutions, optimizing operations by offering funds for procurement, Growder: Reshaping B2B E-commerce Landscape by Breaking Barriers Empowering Building Material to Home Decor Industries for Tomorrow’s Challenges Register as Manufacturer Register as Retailer PEB PROFILE 190 December 2023 production, and other critical aspects. The finance support programs contribute to overall operational efficiency and stability.

Growth Dynamics for Retailers

Growder not only supports businesses but provides unique advantages to manufacturers and retailers! Growder also extends a host of benefits to retailers, enabling them to redefine their business on our platform.

Wide Range of Products

Growder provides retailers with a diverse range of products, from building materials to home decor, allowing them to curate a comprehensive inventory that caters to diverse customer needs.

Access to National and International Brands

Retailers partnering with Growder access a curated selection of national and international brands, enhancing their store’s appeal and competitiveness in the market with a unique product assortment.

‘Growcount’ for effortless accounting

Growcount by Growder offers seamless accounting software with comprehensive accounting benefits, including sales and purchase accounting, GST-non-GST bill creation, e-invoice automation, real-time cash flow monitoring, profit tracking, and stock-in and stock-out tracking.

Easy Finance Options for Retailers

Growder tackles retailers’ financial challenges by providing easy finance options. This encompasses flexible payment terms, credit facilities, and tailored financial solutions for stability and growth.

Local Partner Support

Growder provides local partner support to retailers who assists retailers with on-the-ground tasks, guidance on local market dynamics, and collaborative initiatives to enhance operational efficiency and success in specific regions.

Timely Delivery

Growder excels in ensuring timely product delivery for retail businesses. Local partner support further enhances transaction efficiency, ensuring prompt order fulfilment.

Growder – More Than Just Order…

In the realm of B2B e-commerce, Growder emerges as a revolutionary force for manufacturers and retailers. Through its steadfast dedication to overcoming challenges, delivering crucial advant ages, and catalyzing success stories, Growder transcends being just a platform; it stands as a strategic ally in the trajectory of business growth.

We extend an invitation to manufacturers and retailers alike to immerse themselves in the transformative B2B experience that Growder offers. The future of B2B e-commerce is not just arriving; it’s thriving, and its name is Growder.

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