When United Air Express, a distinguished leader in India’s mining and material handling industry, encountered persistent obstructions during a critical pipeline project, MB Crusher’s innovative solutions came to the rescue.

United Air Express is a distinguished industry leader in mining operations and material handling services in India that has successfully overcome a significant operational challenge with the help of MB Crusher. This engagement resulted in the implementing a cutting-edge solution that streamlined the project and yielded substantial gains in operational efficiency and cost management.

United Air Express, recognised for its adeptness in providing comprehensive mining solutions, recently encountered a formidable obstacle during a crucial pipeline project. The excavation site presented persistent obstructions in the form of boulders and stones, leading to project delays and an unforeseen cost escalation. The operator turned to MB Crusher for an innovative resolution to address this unprecedented challenge.

Initially employing a tractor with a custom mesh system for soil segregation alongside a Tata Hitachi EX210 excavator for material handling, the operator encountered inefficiencies and soaring expenses. The project timeline suffered, compounded by the necessity to procure additional materials from external sources.

The introduction of MB Crusher’s Screening Bucket MB-S18, featuring a precision 25x25mm mesh size, marked a transformative moment. This novel solution obviated the need for the tractor and its associated expenses. Moreover, the excavator was reconfigured for material feeding and efficient screening, culminating in a remarkable 40% surge in productivity relative to the prior methodology. The tangible outcome was a reduction in expenses and a significant acceleration of the project timeline.

The success story of this customer, underscored by the strategic deployment of MB Crusher’s innovative solutions, exemplifies the potent impact of cutting-edge technology on operational paradigms.

The deployment of MB’s Screening Bucket MB-S18 marked a turning point for the operator. The appreciable reduction in operational expenditures, coupled with heightened efficiency levels, positions the company on a sustained growth and achievement trajectory. This pivotal accomplishment inspired the operator to bolster their operational capabilities by procuring two additional MB-S18 units alongside a bespoke BF90.3 Crusher Bucket unit tailored for the unique demands of the prime contractor, one of India’s leading conglomerates.

Moreover, this expansion encompassed the acquisition of an MB-L160 Crusher Bucket for skid steers and an MB-S10 Screening Bucket for mini-excavators, meticulously selected to enhance operations at one of India’s largest steel plants and other operational sites.

The resounding triumph of MB Crusher’s solutions solidifies the client’s commitment to integrate these innovations into their future projects further.


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