Director Lalit Beriwala emphasizes the significance of green practices and innovations in shaping sustainable steel industry.

ShyamSteel, a pioneering force in the TMT Bar industry, proudly announced its latest achievement: the prestigious GreenPro Certification awarded by the Confederation of Indian Industries – Green Products and Services Council for its products, Fe 500D (GPSSM345002) and Fe 550D (GPSSM345001). This significant recognition underscores Shyam Steel’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and the delivery of superior-quality products. Manufactured meticulously at the Angadpur plant in West Bengal, Fe 500D (GPSSM345002) and at the Mejia plant in West Bengal, Fe 550D (GPSSM345001) have surpassed the stringent criteria set by the GreenPro Certification. This achievement solidifies Shyam Steel’s dedication to not only meet but surpass the rigorous environmental standards established by the CII-Green Products and Services Council.

Lalit Beriwala, Director of Shyam Steel Industries, stated, “The attainment of the esteemed GreenPro Certification marks a momentous achievement for Shyam Steel. It underscores our commitment to producing environmentally responsible steel products. This recognition reinforces our dedication to surpassing stringent environmental standards while delivering superior-quality products.” The steel industry faces mounting pressure to adopt green practices, evident in certifications like the GreenPro Certification recently awarded to Shyam Steel by the CII-Green Products and Services Council. Beriwala further emphasized, stating, “The trajectory toward green steel isn’t a matter of if, but when. Governments worldwide are intensely focused on lowering carbon emissions, leading to the emergence of carbon markets and frameworks.”

This certification underlines the company’s commitment to environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices. Fe 550D and Fe 500D represent pivotal steps towards a sustainable future. In aligning with the high environmental benchmarks set by the CII-Green Products and Services Council, these products significantly contribute to building a greener, more sustainable world while ensuring the highest quality for customers. Advocating policy measures to support green steel, Shyam Steel emphasizes the importance of incentives for technologies generating carbon credits. The company eyes investments in novel steelmaking technologies like solar and hydrogen-based methods to reduce production costs and enhance sustainability.

While immediate consumer demand for green steel in India remains limited, Shyam Steel, a company with experience of over seven decades in the business, anticipates a shift towards institutional demand in the future. The Steel Ministry’s exploration of government procurement for green steel signals a potential shift, necessitating adequate financing support. Regarding India’s stance in global debates like Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) in Europe, Shyam Steel supports investments in green assets while seeking financing from developed nations to bolster green energy initiatives. Shyam Steel remains committed to sustainability as an integral part of its ethos. This achievement reinforces the company’s ongoing dedication to innovation and eco-friendly practices within the steel manufacturing sector. The continuous efforts remain focused on developing products that not only meet the highest industry standards but also significantly reduce the environmental footprint.

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