Zhuzoor Infratech is at the forefront of transforming material procurement as the construction sector experiences fast expansion and development. By combining various building supplies under one roof, Zhuzoor, which has roots in the well-known Shyam Steel Group, has quickly established a name.

Zhuzoor Infratech Private Limited is a new-age marketplace for construction materials, providing everything under one roof. Zhuzoor hails from Shyam Steel Group, a reputed TMT bar manufacturer, based out of Kolkata, West Bengal. To give an idea about Shyam Steel, it’s a 70+ years old conglomerate with multiple businesses across sectors like manufacturing, infrastructure, IT, FMCG, food processing, etc. The top line of the group is 6000 Cr+ in FY23. Hence, Zhuzoor has a rich legacy, and the management is a veteran in the steel industry.

Business Model

Zhuzoor is an aggregator for various types and brands of construction materials. The company takes orders from all business customers (infrastructure or civil contractors, builders, etc.) for any brand’s construction materials like TMT bars, Structural Steel, Pipes, Crash Barriers, Construction Chemicals, Bitumen, AAC Blocks, etc. It fulfils it by sourcing from reputed manufacturers based out of pan India. Zhuzoor is a one-stop solution for customers’ construction-related needs. Zhuzoor aims to destress the customers regarding working capital by providing materials against credit terms, LC & BG. Customers can see material movement and all necessary customer-related information through our dedicated customer website and application. This is a stepping stone for digitisation & revolution for the construction industry.  

Zhuzoor Infratech Private Limited plays on the same grounds as some famous B2B players, such as OFbusiness, Zetwerk, Brick2wall, ZippMat, Power2SME, etc.


Zhuzoor offers a wide range of products, including all grades and brands of TMT Bars, Structural Steel (such as plates, angles, channels, sheets, and coils), Steel Pipes (including Ductile Iron, ERW, Seamless, Section, and SAW types), Metal Beam Crash Barriers (W-beam and Thrie Beam), Scaffolding and shuttering Materials, Bitumen and Construction Chemicals, Raw Materials, and AAC Blocks.

Zhuzoor also undertakes inspection and testing services for infrastructure/construction projects. Nevertheless, Zhuzoor is in the process of expanding our reach to all other materials needed for construction activities. This includes iron ore pellets, AAC Blocks, and other raw materials as well as finished products. Zhuzoor is replicating or acting on behalf of the procurement division of infrastructure contractors.

The motto of the Company

Zhuzoor’s long-term vision is to revolutionise material procurement in the infrastructure/ construction industry and resolve our customers’ pain points. In that process, its mission is to be counted as one of the industry’s most trusted and reputed B2B aggregators.

Zhuzoor Infratech is at the forefront of transforming material procurement as the construction sector experiences fast expansion and development. By combining various building supplies under one roof, Zhuzoor, which has roots in the well-known Shyam Steel Group, has quickly established a name.

Value Proposition

Zhuzoor is transforming procurement in the infrastructure industry by addressing key challenges and offering a comprehensive solution for all categories of contractors, especially those in the MSME segment. By providing a single point for sourcing, Zhuzoor eliminates vendor management hassles and ensures ease of material procurement. The platform offers the best prices and quality by sourcing from various approved manufacturers. Additionally, Zhuzoor provides frictionless logistics, guaranteeing doorstep delivery through an established network of transporters. Flexible financing terms further ease working capital stress for customers. Through digitisation, Zhuzoor offers customers clear visibility over material movement, bringing transparency to the procurement process. This vision for digitisation promises to revolutionise transparency in infrastructure procurement.

Business growth of Zhuzoor

Zhuzoor was incorporated in December 2021, but commercial operations started in June 2022. Within only 8 months of operation, Zhuzoor achieved a turnover of INR 100 Cr. It garnered a revenue of INR 250 Cr+ in the first year of operation, FY23, and has already clocked a revenue of 550 Cr+ until February 2024. Zhuzoor has received accolades from customers and is helping India’s infrastructure grow.

What is more important than the figures is the impact Zhuzoor has had in the last two years. It has onboarded 120+ companies as customers and 80+ manufacturers as suppliers across eight major product categories. This is one big achievement in the B2B industry. Very few companies have been able to create such an impact in such a narrow period.

Key drivers for growth

In such a short time, Zhuzoor has successfully set up a network of renowned manufacturers, both primary & secondary players in TMT & structural steel, all prime vendors in several pipes & metal beam crash barriers, and multiple reputed brands in other categories. This means that we have a broader base of vendors, so we can find rock-bottom prices for them through bulk buying. Also, these contractors do not need to rush to various vendors at every nook & corner of the country – instead, we are doing the same on their behalf. To ensure fast delivery, we have established our network of transporters on a pan-India basis. We believe in human capital and have employed industry-leading sales & procurement professionals who, in turn, help our customers. One more thing is instrumental for the growth of Zhuzoor – the legacy and shared learning & experiences from the parent company – Shyam Steel, which has a legacy of 70+ years in the TMT business. The beauty and the point that Zhuzoor leverages is the Group ecosystem, where any group company enjoys the learning curve, process, and data of another group company – this places Zhuzoor in a unique position.

 Zhuzoor has a head office in Kolkata, West Bengal. Our address is Plot No. 03-319 (DH-6/11), Street No – 319, New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata 700156. Zhuzoor has branches in New Delhi and Hyderabad. In addition, Zhuzoor has manpower spread across different regions of the country. Prospective customers or other stakeholders can reach out to our key official, Mr. Amit Garg, at mobile number 8100203758.

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