Learn how B2B Genie addresses the unique challenges of construction procurement, providing quality materials, logistical coordination, and cost optimisation solutions.

What inspired you to start B2B Genie, and how does it aim to transform B2B commerce?

The foundation of B2B Genie stemmed from a desire to rectify the inefficiencies in B2B trade, addressing challenges faced by procurement teams and suppliers seeking business growth. Drawing from decades of collective experience managing enterprise supply chains, my co-founder and I intimately understood the frustrations arising from opaque markets, lack of credible suppliers, minimal digital presence, and labour-intensive processes.

The process resembled a black box for procurement teams, lacking visibility and control between placing an order and fulfilment. Manual tasks consumed sourcing efforts, from identifying suppliers to managing paperwork, expediting orders, and coping with quality or delay issues. On the supplier side, small and mid-sized players struggled to scale beyond limited customer bases due to a lack of digital presence and effective marketing, relying primarily on word-of-mouth or limited sales channels. B2B Genie seeks to revolutionise this status quo by creating a unified ecosystem connecting buyers and suppliers seamlessly. Our intelligent platform offers visibility into supplier capabilities, real-time order tracking, and end-to-end process digitisation. By leveraging data and technology, we simplify sourcing, broaden market reach for suppliers, and bring unparalleled transparency across the source-to-pay value chain.

How does your platform deliver impactful results compared to status-quo models on both the buying and selling side?

B2B Genie redefines the procurement landscape, offering efficiency enhancements for buyers and suppliers. Procurement teams benefit from intelligent supplier discovery, reducing manual efforts and cutting sourcing costs by 15-20 percent. Order processing times drop by over 30%, compliance is assured with systematised processes and supplier risks are minimised through thorough vetting. B2B Genie is a force multiplier for suppliers, establishing credibility, expanding reach, and streamlining order-to-cash processes. Within a year, it has facilitated over Rs 250 Cr. in procurement volume, validating its transformative impact on costs, efficiency, and transparency in B2B transactions.

B2B Genie’s success is bridging fragmented processes and informational gaps, offering a unified platform that delivers tangible benefits. As pioneers of digital commerce models tailored for the B2B sector, we are proud to drive the evolution of business transactions, ensuring transformative outcomes in a rapidly changing landscape.

Construction and infrastructure projects involve complex, bulk procurement requirements. How does B2B Genie add value in this sector?

Procuring materials for large-scale construction and infrastructure projects comes with distinct challenges, and B2B Genie is tailored to address these complexities. Our approach involves close collaboration with clients from the design stage, ensuring customisation at scale to meet technical specifications. With a verified supplier network and robust quality assurance processes, B2B Genie guarantees the delivery of construction materials that surpass stringent industry benchmarks, providing project developers with confidence in structural integrity over the project’s lifespan.

In addition to quality, B2B Genie excels in logistical coordination for timely deliveries to remote project sites. The integrated logistics management system seamlessly aligns suppliers, transporters, and site teams, facilitating smooth operations. Our platform optimises cost through aggregate demand bidding, spot buy recommendations, and data-driven spend analysis. Furthermore, compliance with regulatory requirements is simplified through digitised paperwork and approval workflows, ensuring transparency and auditability. As an integrated PROCUREMENT HUB, B2B Genie offers end-to-end solutions, reducing risks and providing substantial cost savings, allowing project developers to concentrate on core construction activities more efficiently.

Can you give us some examples of construction materials you supply and how you deliver them reliably?

Through exclusive partnerships with leading manufacturers, B2B Genie offers a comprehensive range of top-quality construction materials, including structural steel, TMT rebars, ready-mix concrete, bitumen, and aggregates sourced from our advanced mega quarries. Our nationwide logistics network ensures reliable, high-volume material delivery via road, rail, or sea routes, backed by meticulous planning, GPS-enabled tracking, and expert coordination. B2B Genie’s integration of procurement expertise, digital management, and a commitment to the construction industry establishes a transparent and technology-driven value chain, delivering comprehensive solutions for project developers with efficiency and reliability.

Sustainability is a key focus area for procurement today. How does B2B Genie enable greener supply chains?

At B2B Genie, our commitment to environmental sustainability is integral to our mission. We adopt a comprehensive lifecycle approach, considering everything from supplier selection to material production methods, logistics emissions, and end-of-life impacts. Our sustainability initiatives include prioritising suppliers with certifications like ISO 14001, promoting eco-friendly materials such as our green cement that reduces embodied carbon by over 45 percent, and optimising logistics to lower fuel consumption through route planning, vehicle utilisation, and modal shift. Additionally, we actively participate in the circular economy by recycling plastic waste into flakes for applications like composites and 3D printing. Our digitisation efforts, including the use of AI to forecast demand, contribute to reducing excess production and waste generation while saving millions of sheets of paper annually, preserving trees, and promoting a greener future.

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