Off-road tire manufacturers have distinct hurdles in the tough mining sector. This interview with P K Ganguly, Marketing Head, BKT Tire, delves into the tactics used by industry players to overcome tough terrains, big loads, and other obstacles, providing a detailed picture of the mining industry’s off-road tyre sector.

“The activities of the mining industry in India are changing significantly due to the recent arrival of many new suppliers and businesses, especially in the private sector.”

How is the Indian mining industry evolving due to new private sector entry influencing equipment standards and demanding revisions to match international benchmarks?

Within the Indian mining industry, a plethora of opportunities and obstacles exist. The mining industry’s activities in India are changing significantly due to the recent arrival of many new suppliers and businesses, especially in the private sector. Mining operations in the private sector employ equipment that meets international standards, which increases productivity and efficiency. It presents a significant challenge to modify our offerings to satisfy these requirements.

How has BKT transformed its mining products, particularly with allsteel radial tyres, and what is the strategy for further optimisation and affordability?

Over the last eight to nine years, BKT has continuously created new products specifically suited to meet the mining industry’s demands. Among these advancements are firsts such as allsteel radial tyres, unveiled in India. Through continuous technological breakthroughs and upgrades, we aim to optimise and improve our tyres to fulfil the rigorous demands of mining environments. This way, we can provide our clients with high-quality, reasonably priced tyre options.

Why did BKT design specialised tyres for big mining equipment, and how do these tyres endure harsh conditions and adapt to changing mining environments?

Greater demand exists for larger equipment, such as 100-ton, 190-ton, and 240-ton dumpers, in the mining industry, where cost reduction is the primary concern. Until recently, tyres specific to these machines could only be imported from Indian companies with limited manufacturing and technological skills.

BKT noticed this gap and closed it by creating tyres specifically tailored to these machines’ needs. Our products, such as the 440/57 tyre for 240-ton and 190-ton dumpers, endure harsh mining circumstances, including heavy loads, rough terrain, intense heat, and high-speed loads. We make research and development investments to modify our goods continuously for the changing mining environment.


How can we boost India’s mining industry while prioritising sustainability by developing and producing ecologically friendly tyres?

The mining industry is vital for India’s economic development and metals demand. Given the predicted growth of this industry, we must address environmental responsibility and sustainability. Our strategy is centred on creating and manufacturing tyres that support more environmentally friendly and productive mining operations. By offering premium tyres, we help mining industries operate more profitably and with less negative environmental impact.


How does your company address the evolving requirements of the mining industry?

To satisfy the constantly changing needs of the mining industry, our approach entails continuous development, modification, and expansion of our tyre line. Our main goal is to provide our consumers with the highest quality products at the most convenient times. To back this, we have one of the biggest offhighway tyre manufacturing facilities in Asia, furnished with cutting-edge technology. We also want to expand our product line to include additional items like solid tyres to meet a wider range of needs in the mining and construction sectors.

What role do events like IME and EXCON play in facilitating business exchanges and presenting your product line to potential clients and industry professionals?

Events such as the International Mining Exhibition (IME) hold immense significance as they offer a venue for mining companies, buyers, and industry professionals to convene and assess offerings from different vendors. This facilitates discussions and knowledge of the finest items for their needs by allowing them to compare Indian products with foreign standards. It’s a crucial platform that makes business exchanges easier for buyers and sellers.

Every year, we exhibit at EXCON with a wide selection of products because it is one of the most popular events for clients and prospects in the industrial construction tyre sector. While major product launches have yet to be finalised, we have a handful of things in the works that we may introduce over the next two weeks. We aim to exhibit our diverse product line while meeting the industry’s expanding demands.

What is BKT’s approach to employee welfare and its strategy for growth and innovation?

BKT values its employees and has established several welfare programmes throughout its operations. Our most valuable asset is a trained and satisfied crew, and we endeavour to establish a pleasant working environment that allows for easy job performance on shop floors and other locations. This strategy improves the general well-being and job satisfaction of our personnel.


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