Material handling in construction is rife with inefficiencies and downtime. Please find out how OLI overcomes these obstacles and maintains a competitive edge with its adaptable supply chain, specialisation, and ongoing innovation.

“Harnessing digital advancements is a priority to enhance operational efficiency and stay at the forefront of technological progress.”

What are the most common challenges infrastructure and construction professionals face in material handling, and how do OLI Vibrators’ products address these challenges?

The primary challenge currently encountered in India and globally revolves around ensuring the superior quality of vibrators while consistently maintaining this quality within the context of the Vibromotor industry. Beyond product quality, the industrial and construction sectors demand innovative solutions driven by modern technological advancements and timely supplies.

OLI’s Quality policy guarantees that all products undergo rigorous quality/ testing procedures, leaving no room for compromises on product quality. Utilising high-quality raw materials and components, including optimised grease sealing systems and certifications from esteemed international bodies such as ATEX/IECex/ ETL, further reinforces this commitment.

The reputation of the OLI Group and its “OLI” brand has earned them the esteemed status of being a world leader in the Vibration Industry for many years. The group’s emphasis on implementing a flexible supply chain contributes significantly to its ability to adapt to market changes swiftly, maintaining a competitive edge.

OLI proudly demonstrates its commitment to specialisation, securing a position in the vibration industry. OLI consistently exhibits a dedication to continuous innovation through state-of-the-art vibration technology, innovative programs, and cutting-edge research and development initiatives. This approach instils confidence in tackling any challenges and complex situations that may arise.


What sets OLI Vibrators’ electric and pneumatic vibrators apart from competitors in terms of performance and reliability for concrete consolidation in construction projects?

OLI Group tackles the challenges above through its established reputation for product quality, reliability, and longevity. Its products’ precision, competitive pricing, and ability to ensure quick delivery due to maintaining a substantial inventory across all product ranges set OLI apart. The user-friendly nature of their products, accompanied by a distinctive personal touch and interaction provided by the OLI team, distinguishes their offerings from those of other industry players. Ultimately, the company’s enduring reputation and the esteemed OLI brand further contribute to its comprehensive approach to addressing the prevailing challenges.

What are the common factors contributing to downtime and inefficiency in material handling within the construction and infrastructure industry, and what strategies OLI adopts to mitigate these issues?

Various factors contribute to downtime and inefficiency in material handling within the Construction and Infrastructure industry, including the production system (job, intermittent, continuous), types of products, product quality, cost of materials handling (alternative, usual life, operating costs), delivery time, and technological advancements with ease of operations. An effective facility can lead to errors and delays, positively impacting customer loyalty.

In response to these challenges, OLI has adopted several strategies. The emphasis on a flexible supply chain is a key practice, allowing the OLI Group to adapt swiftly to market changes and maintain a competitive edge. The commitment to specialisation positions the group as a leader in the industry. OLI Group’s continuous pursuit of innovation is showcased through cutting-edge research and development initiatives. Harnessing digital advancements is a priority to enhance operational efficiency and stay at the forefront of technological progress. Sustainability is integral to OLI’s approach, reflecting a sense of responsibility towards environmental stewardship.

Additionally, OLI organises and reorganises its strategies to align with changing market dynamics, identifying and solving problems proactively. The company consistently generates new ideas that have improved processes in the Construction and Infrastructure industries. Whether through the development or implementation of new procedures or systems in production, research and development, sales, or after-sales, OLI remains committed to overcoming challenges and driving positive change within the industry.


In what ways can energy-efficient industrial vibration solutions contribute to environmentally responsible practices in construction and infrastructure projects?

OLI’s range of Vibro-Motors is engineered for power efficiency, particularly in heavy-duty and continuous operations. The R&D and Technology Department at OLI plays a crucial role in creating Vibro- motors that are both user-friendly and environmentally friendly, suitable for demanding construction and industrial applications. Our Engineering Department has developed Vibro- Motors with a robust design, using premium quality materials such as special roller bearings, lifetime grease, low-loss lamination stacks, and double- impregnated windings. These design choices facilitate easier operation, reduce breakdowns, prevent grease spillage, and ensure the motors operate within acceptable noise levels, aligning with permissible decibel parameters.

What trends in infrastructure and construction can OLI Vibrators share, particularly regarding Vibro-Motors?

The use of vibrators in India is still at a relatively nascent stage compared to the developed countries. Hence, we see a steady increase in the use of vibrators in the Indian industries. Secondly, India’s infrastructure development spending is increasing in the government budgets of both the federal and central governments. This will pave the way for steady growth in the Indian Vibration Industry, and we are quite optimistic about OLI’s future growth.

Working sincerely and seriously on the upcoming Bullet train projects/ Metro-Rail projects/ Highways /Airways, etc., and bringing new ideas and developments in the existing products, making it more and more user-friendly and easy to operate.

OWC 2700

With Excon 2023 on the horizon, what can attendees expect from OLI Vibrators?

Excon provides a good opportunity for the Construction / MHE equipment, especially vibrators and other accessories manufacturers, to interact with our customers on one platform. Over the years, Excon has grown considerably in size and stature.

EXCON provides a good platform for the industry to showcase the best construction / industrial space technology.

At Excon, we will be displaying all our products / explaining the merits and the technical advancements we have carried out in manufacturing various ranges of vibrators used in the construction and infra sectors. EXCON not only acts as an ideal launch pad for newer products but also as a breeding ground for newer concepts and ideas. This edition of Excon will continue this contribution to the industry with more ideas being generated and more visitor footfall.

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