We have 35 years of excellence and are constantly striving for turning out to be the most dependable Indian Brand of aluminium formwork systems in the construction industry says Ajay Maini, Managing Director, Maini Scaffold Systems (Ajay Maini Group). 

What are the recent innovations in the scaffolding and formwork industry?

In recent times, the scaffolding and formwork industry has witnessed several tech-driven innovations right from ideation to production. This has fuelled the demand for cost-effective formwork solutions in India. Innovation is a journey, not a Milestone. Our primary focus is to provide the best quality formwork that is parallel with any international formwork brand. Since the beginning, we are engaged in constant R&D to provide solutions to the complexities of present-day structures, execution at the site, scarcity of trained workforce etc. told Ajay Maini, Managing Director, Ajay Maini Group

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Can you shed some light on your aluminium formwork systems and their key advantages?

We at Ajay Maini Group, have been making formwork and scaffolding since 1986. The changing trends of the real estate industry in the early 2000s revolutionized the development of innovative formwork for the fast, safe and quality construction of high-rise buildings and mass housing residential projects in India. But not many options were available in the Indian formwork and construction industry and hence the dependency on importing the ever-expensive formwork systems was very high. We take pride in stating that it is the sole vision and determination of Ajay Maini Group, to develop and make available this international quality construction technology, independently in India without having any foreign collaborations. After two years of working on prototype models, Maini Aluminium Formwork Systems was introduced to the industry, which today has gained the trust and confidence of the construction fraternity in India. Today, Ajay Maini Group being a leading Formwork producer in India, is happy to serve its customers with technologically advanced world-class formwork solutions at an affordable price.

Advantages of aluminium formwork systems

The lightweight nature of aluminium formwork is one of its primary benefits. The slab cycle, or construction schedule, was reduced from 15 to 7 days. Because our aluminium formwork is built to precise specifications using high-quality aluminium alloy, skilled labour such as carpenters, etc., are not necessary, minimising labour input costs and decreasing reliance because semi-skilled labour may also work on the system. Because aluminium formwork is lightweight and easy to handle, no capital expenditure on tower cranes is required at the site. Because aluminium formwork produces a super-form finish on concrete, no plastering is necessary, resulting in significant cost savings and time Depending on the design of the building, approximately 65 percent of the aluminium formwork can be reused for another project.

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How cost-effective and safe are aluminium formworks for construction projects?

Yes, the initial cost of aluminium formwork is higher when compared to conventional formwork. But when the cost-to-lifecycle ratio of aluminium formwork is examined, the aluminium formwork is more economical in the long term. As the cycle time is 1/3rd as compared to the conventional method thus saving on-site overheads and expenses as you are completing the structure work in 1/3rd time. Also, no plasterwork is required which is a large saving in itself. As a pioneer and industry leader in aluminium formwork and scaffolding, quality and safety are our primary concerns. We, at Ajay Maini Group, ensure that aluminium formwork imbibed with modern safety features is designed and supplied to fit site conditions. Less inventory eliminates the risk of occurring accidents at the site. It provides a much safer environment in construction projects.

How do you manage your sales and after-sales services in the current market?

Since Ajay Maini Group is the pioneer in manufacturing Aluminium Formwork in India. It is a very well-known name in the country. By giving the best quality and best after-sales services, there are many more satisfied customers all over the country who keep repeating the orders for their new projects. Also, we have a technically strong and well-motivated sales team who keeps on adding new customers. As for after-sales services, we have a very strong team of well-experienced engineers who provide the best service to customers all over the country.

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