Examine Schmersal’s proactive strategy for anticipating and adjusting to evolving safety requirements in the ever-changing automation world. The company, a member of BIS and ISO committees, uses its service and assessment team to ensure that its products meet changing standards and offer clients long-term value.

“We have a service and assessment team that works continuously with regards to updating our products as per new regulations of man and machine safety.”

How does Schmersal maintain automation safety and reliability leadership in rapidly evolving industries?

In this rapidly evolving industry, Schmersal maintains its leadership in automation safety by continuously evolving itself. Innovation is the key to our success. If we compare the past years, the awareness of safety has increased in India amongst customers, and the government has also been an inclusive part of it. The ergonomic operation, more compact design, higher safety level, the combination of productivity with safety and integration of functions. These are only a few characteristics our R & D team works to evolve over or ahead of time. We have also started a webshop to purchase safety products online, which will be sent directly to customers for convenience.

How do you anticipate and adapt to changing safety standards to ensure long-term customer value?

To keep tabs on changing safety standards, we keep following up with BIS and ISO as we are members of BIS and ISO committees for machine safety standards. Our service and assessment team works continuously to update our products per new regulations of man and machine safety.

Can you share examples of successful integration of your safe signal processing technology in automation systems and the benefits achieved?

There are many customers for whom we are supplying these machine safety systems, for example, press machines in the automotive industry, labelling machines in the packaging industry, and filling machines in the food and pharma industry. These are high-speed machines, and if somebody accesses them while running, they can cause an accident. That is why machine safety comes into role. Our systems are fail-safe to ensure that if someone tries to access any of the machine’s moving parts of the machine, then it will stop the machine before the person reaches the moving areas. We use fail-safe door interlock switches, sensors, and a safe controlling system for continuous safety monitoring. If the safety system fails due to any abnormal situation, the machine will give an alarm. It will stop automatically, and this is the biggest advantage to the customer that any failure in their system will not lead to the loss of overall machine safety.

How do you ensure seamless integration and compatibility with third-party automation systems? 

Our team of expert automation engineers works on integration projects where we ensure that the safety systems we are supplying are integrated seamlessly with the automation system and do not affect the production rate. We are also procuring 3rd party systems as and when required to meet the machine safety compliances and also take care of their compatibility & integration. Our approach is to provide a complete safety solution to our customers so that they do not have to go to multiple vendors for multiple requirements to upgrade their machine safety.

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