With its GPS and IOT-enabled concrete-producing unit, HASBER MACHINE takes centre stage as technology increasingly becomes a driving factor in the construction industry. Find out how the business is overcoming obstacles and providing a substitute for the conventional concrete manufacturing process.

“HASBER MACHINE brings a new revolution in the construction industry by supplying fresh mix concrete on-site in Just 40 seconds as per clients’ MIX design cost- effectively and transparently.”

How do you address the traditional practices of India’s construction industry and meet the needs for more efficient, quality-conscious work systems?

The construction sector plays a key role in the country’s GDP Contribution. Indian and Global Construction industry in all sectors is changing at a very high pace; in other sectors, technology adoption is part of the process, which results in a more efficient work system. The construction industry in India is still working traditionally. Non-technical and unskilled team members mainly drive our workforce in the construction industry, so it is challenging to adopt technology in day-to-day work. On the other hand, some leading corporates, big companies, and Institutes is already dealing with these challenges and effectively implementing Technological platform for their growth with a quality-conscious and effective way of working.

We, HASBER MACHINE, are one of those who have already made our machine GPS- enabled and IOT-enabled. Who gives you a clear idea of all INPUT and OUTPUT Report details as your requitement. Our HASBER MACHINE has great features and fully Automatic operating functions that make this machine reliable, advanced, compact, and user-friendly. We are confident and sure that with the current changing pace of technology in the construction industry, our HASBER Machine will be a great alternative solution for the current concrete manufacturing process.

We look forward to associating with all government, semi-government, and private sector construction projects as a SAFE, reliable, economical, eco-friendly, strong concrete partner.

With the recent government initiatives, what changes have you observed in the market dynamics for your products?

An economy’s infrastructure is pivotal in propelling its progress and setting the stage for future development possibilities. Infrastructure development is crucial to achieving the India 2047 vision for a $ 40 trillion economy and is reclassified from a developing economy to a developed one. In the aftermath of COVID-19 and the digitisation of the world, the focus rests not only on physical infrastructure but also on digital and social infrastructure.

India is undertaking ambitious infrastructure projects such as the Chenab Bridge in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, one of the tallest arch railway bridges in the world, which is built at one of the highest altitudes with a broad-gauge Indian Railway line throughout its entire span. This bridge showcases the immense talent that Indian engineers possess. It is proof that with the right leadership, this talent can create an innovative and sustainable infrastructure for the growth of India.

The Indian government focuses on India’s infrastructural needs and has developed various schemes and policies. The National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP), introduced in 2019, emphasises social and infrastructure projects, including energy, roads, railways, and urban development projects worth INR 102 lakh crores. The Centre and States have nearly equal contributions (39% and 40%), while the private sector has a 21% share. NIP is complemented by the PM GatiShakti Master Plan, dedicated to improving India’s logistics network. In India Budget 2023-24, the Indian government emphasised the need for increased spending in the infrastructure sector and nearly trebled its infrastructure spending to 3.3% of GDP compared to its spending in 2019-20. The Budget has allocated INR 75000 crores for 100 projects critical to improving the overall multimodal logistics infrastructure.


How has your company embraced technological innovations in the design and functionality of your equipment?

HASBER C-30 India’s first patented truck- mounted mobile concrete manufacturing plant machine, is 100 % Indian make, fully automatic, with an auto-calibration system with a new edge advanced concrete manufacturing machine, with GPS and IOT enabled, specially designed for the Indian construction industry. HASBER MACHINE brings a new revolution in the construction industry by supplying fresh mix concrete on-site in Just 40 seconds as per clients’ MIX design cost-effectively and transparently. HASBER C-30 ensures the best quality with an accurate quantity of concrete all the time due to the unique features of HASBER C-30.

HASBER C-30 boasts an array of groundbreaking features, propelling it to the forefront of innovation in the construction realm. Its notable attributes are a patented high torque Twin Shaft unidirectional mixer, a fully automatic patented batching system encompassing volume, weight, and time functionalities,and a custom-designed PLC system meticulously crafted to uphold maximum consistency and batching accuracy.

This cutting-edge machinery eliminates detention, waiting, and transit time for concrete, facilitated by its auto-calibration system, ensuring precise control over the water/cement ratio and minimal admixture dosage. Moreover, it delivers freshly mixed concrete on-site within an astonishingly short duration of 40 seconds, aligning seamlessly with diverse concrete grade requirements, marking a paradigm shift in construction practices.

How does your company perceive the role of industry-related events in contributing to the strategic growth and development of the construction and infrastructure sector?

HASBER MACHINE strongly believes that industry-related exhibitions give a platform to showcase their best products, machines, and services to buyers. This is an opportunity to share and connect to the right buyers and the construction industry. We are sure every industry-related event contributes innovative solutions and methodology that reduce the cost and enhance the performance of the work. These Innovations are major contributors to countries’ growth stories.

Can you provide a sneak peek into any new products or innovations your company plans to unveil or highlight during Excon 2023?

At EXCON 2023, HASBER MACHINE is set to unveil groundbreaking innovations in the concrete industry. The spotlight will be on India’s inaugural patented truck-mounted mobile concrete plant, launching four new products and expanding our diverse range. These include the HABSER C-30+, HABSER C-45, HASBER C-18, and HASBER C-6, each representing a distinct advancement in concrete technology. Join us as we showcase and introduce these cutting- edge solutions, reinforcing HASBER’s commitment to revolutionising the concrete industry.

How do you expect Excon 2023 to impact your business, and what unique experiences or opportunities are you anticipating from participating in this exhibition?

EXCON is the largest construction equipment exhibition in South Asia. HABSER is participating in EXCON for the first time, so we are excited and keen to meet the construction fraternity across nations. We are sure the HABSER machine will be acclaimed and recognised as one of the more useful, economical, safe, reliable, and user-friendly machines for the construction industry and will get more business opportunities to associate with different parts of India.

We are anticipating more than 80,000 + visitors will connect to EXCON 2023, and HASBER MACHINE will be the most Recognised one.


How does Excon contribute to developing and growing India’s construction and infrastructure equipment industry?

EXCON Exhibitors know the visitors’ expectations and experience, so everyone tries to connect their visitors with new product launches or share success stories. These products, materials, and machines will solve the present industries’ challenges. Due to more visitors, exhibitors get good business.

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