Explore Volvo CE’s sustainability efforts and how they are planning to bring more innovations to mining and construction solutions inside of their commitment to a better, greener world.

“Our products are highly fuel efficient, optimised uptime, and come with excellent after-sales service that helps our customers complete projects on time and increase savings.”

How is Volvo CE adopting circular economy principles to innovate equipment lifecycle management in the changing construction and mining landscape?

In response to the dynamic construction and mining landscape, Volvo CE is integrating circular economy principles to transform equipment lifecycle management in construction and mining. Prioritising sustainability, the company emphasises design innovation, material recycling, and remanufacturing for durable and recyclable products. This focus ensures extended equipment lifecycles. Volvo CE has a longstanding practice of providing remanufactured components like engines and pumps, with plans to expand this product range. Additionally, the refurbishment of old machines extends their second life. This commitment enhances operational efficiency and contributes significantly to a more sustainable and responsible industry future.

Could you outline the localisation strategies under the “Make in India” initiative and their effect on increasing access to advanced equipment in India?

Aligned with “Make in India,” Volvo CE implements robust localisation strategies, increasing local content in manufacturing for advanced equipment accessibility. This enhances our commitment to the local economy, streamlining the supply chain for cost-effectiveness. Localised production enables swift responses to market demands, ensuring timely and tailored advanced equipment provision. Volvo CE’s strategies contribute to the growth of India’s construction and mining sectors, fostering technological advancements and supporting broader economic objectives.


How does Volvo CE work with its Indian clients to tailor equipment and provide specialised solutions for regional needs, project scalability, and efficiency?

Volvo CE has been in India for the last 25 years. As one of the key players in the Indian Construction Equipment industry, we have a huge presence in the market. Customer-centricity is our priority, and we maintain consistent communication with customers, understand their needs, and deliver product and service solutions efficiently and cost-effectively. Today, we have emerged as a complete solutions provider in the Indian construction market. Our products are highly fuel efficient, optimised uptime, and come with excellent after-sales service that helps our customers complete projects on time and increase savings.

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Considering the need for skilled operators, does Volvo CE engage in skill development programs or training initiatives to bridge the gap and optimise the utilisation of advanced equipment in the Indian market?

We have been actively investing in training and educational programs to address skills shortages. This involves collaborations with schools and colleges to develop innovative training initiatives tailored to construction equipment operators and technicians. We have also launched the ‘An Operator on Wheels’ training program, where a simulator is fitted in a truck to train the operators. This enables us to train the operators and equip them with the skills to use our machines most efficiently and deliver value. We are working with the government to make certification mandatory for machine operators. Like a truck driver with a driving license, we are pushing for machine operators to have an HD license qualifying the operator to operate the machine. We also closely work with the Infrastructure Equipment Skill Council (IESC) and conduct training programs at our manufacturing facility and customer sites.

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How is Volvo CE preparing to present its latest construction and mining equipment innovations at Excon 2023, and are there any exclusive product launches or demonstrations planned?

We are gearing up to introduce a line-up of new electric products across categories at EXCON 2023. At this year’s EXCON, we will showcase our latest range of electric products across categories and a few diesel products, providing customers with first-hand experience of cutting-edge technologies. We would display some of our battery and charging solutions, new-age service solutions, and other parts and aftermarket solutions. Our products are designed not only to boost productivity but also to minimise emissions, energy consumption, and waste; our new products, along with existing offerings and battery charging solutions, will significantly reduce CO2 emissions. These additions aim to empower our customers with increased business productivity and profitability.


What innovations are designed for the needs of the construction and mining industries in India?

Sustainability is at the core of our innovations and business. We were the first company to speak about environmental concerns in 1975 when no other brand discussed sustainability. With a strong commitment to sustainability, we aim to continuously design and deliver superior quality products and services that meet the growing demands of the construction and mining industries. Volce CE in India is aligned with the company’s global strategy of sustainable growth and customercentricity. We are continuously working on strengthening our customer relationships, promoting sustainable construction, embracing digitalisation, and investing in workforce development. In the coming years, you can expect us to go stronger in our innovations in fuel-efficient, sustainable infrastructure solutions across various segments.


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