HD Hyundai Construction Equipment is leading the way in implementing digital innovations to increase production and efficiency in mining and construction operations. Discover how Hyundai’s Hi-TRACK and Hi-MATE applications transform the industry by facilitating hassle-free tracking from any location and offering real-time machine operating information.

“Our mission is to create solid beginnings for a comfortable tomorrow with a vision to become a global leader in the smart construction equipment ecosystem.”

Can you provide insights into HD Hyundai CE’s recent product development strategies and how they align with the evolving needs of the construction and mining sectors?

A total of 3 excavator models, 2 Forklift models, and 2 Wheel Loaders were launched on Oct. 2023.3 new models were launched in SMART Plus series of excavators in 8ton, 14ton, 15ton segment to strengthen the brand position in Infrastructure segment. 2 new models of Wheeled loaders in 3ton and 5ton payload were launched to cater Infrastructure and Mining segment. 2 new models of Electric Forklift in 2.5ton and 3.0ton in Material Handling equipment category were also launched. This solution promises to enhance the user experience by combining maximum Productivity, Efficiency, Maximum machine Safety, Maximum Operator Comfort, and Maximum durability. All in One.

How are HD Hyundai CE machines incorporating digital advancements to enhance efficiency and productivity in construction and mining projects?

Hyundai machine, with their applications like Hi-TARCK & Hi-MATE allows customer to access machine operating information from anywhere, anytime. Our customer app. ensures sharing all minute information of the machine with customers 24/7. This provides hassle-free tracking of the machine remotely, increasing machine productivity. Hyundai is working towards more automated tools to make customers’ lives easier.

What led to your expansion into the electric forklift category, and how do these models align with your focus on sustainability?

Our mission is to create solid beginnings for a comfortable tomorrow with a vision of becoming a global smart construction equipment ecosystem leader. We emphasise the Integration of advanced technologies for improved equipment performance, predictive maintenance, and data analytics. Emphasis on leveraging data to make informed decisions, optimise equipment utilisation, and improve overall project management.

Another critical aspect of our approach involves a heightened emphasis on customisation and modular design in equipment. This strategic shift allows us to tailor equipment designs to meet the specific requirements of diverse projects and industries. Furthermore, our commitment extends to prioritising operator comfort and safety, incorporating ergonomic features and advanced safety systems in the design of our equipment.

In addition, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive lifecycle services, encompassing maintenance, repair, and equipment upgrades. This commitment not only strengthens customer relationships but also prolongs our equipment’s lifespan. Moreover, we consistently strive to meet and surpass emission standards, actively contributing to developing cleaner and more fuel-efficient equipment.

Recognising the escalating market demand for sustainable products in terms of emission and fuel consumption, we introduce the next generation 2.5-tonne and 3.0-tonne capacity Electric forklift models. Designed by Hyundai Global R&D centre in South Korea, these Material Handling Equipment and Logistics Solutions aim to elevate the user experience by amalgamating maximum productivity, efficiency, machine safety, and operator comfort.

Hyundai 215L

How do your new 3-tonne and 5-tonne wheeled loader models meet the needs of the infrastructure and mining sectors, and what sets them apart in performance and technology?

The two new loaders, 3-tonne and 5-tonneare indigenous & designed as per Indian customers’ usage patterns and applications. High performance, proven driveline, operator comfort, and safety are the major unique selling of this product. We are using BS IV-compliant Weichai Electronic Engine, which is considered one of the top engine manufacturers for loaders. These engines are well-proven in Indian applications and are considered to be one of the most fuel-efficient engines. Considering harsh operating conditions and long working hours, we have taken special care of Operator comfort and safety. ROPS/FOPs cabin, Air conditioning, Air Suspension seat, Rear view camera, and LED Working lights are some standard features of our loader. Our loaders have five 5-inch digital LCDs where the operator can check work status, display error codes, and display warning indicators. We also have an onboard Diagnostic system where the service engineer can connect his laptop and identify and resolve any technical issue. To give more confidence, these loaders are already proven at multiple customers’ sites in tough working conditions before launch. We are continuously working on adding more features as per customer’s requirements.

What products and technologies will HD Hyundai present at Excon 2023, and how do they solve challenges for project procurement professionals in the industry?

EXCON, the largest construction equipment Exhibition in South Asia, brings together key stakeholders; for OEMs like us, the Excon platform is used to demonstrate highly advanced technology products & solutions. Further, direct communication with customers, helps OEMs understand root-level needs and application of machinery. If you look at it from the customer’s perspective, he learns about various available equipment options, technology & solutions for their applications. Furthermore, he gets hands-on experience with machines, which otherwise is difficult.

At Excon 2023, we will exhibit our range of new excavators and wheel loaders that have been indigenously manufactured at our Chakan plant under the ‘Make in India’ initiative. On display will be Hyundai’s 3 and 5-ton wheel loaders and (for the first time) its HX Series of 36-ton excavators. Visitors will also see our new Smart+Excavators, an improved version of the Robex series under the 8-14-15-20 and 30-ton range. These products feature digitalisation, a new design, and aggregates that improve performance and lifecycle costs.


How does HD Hyundai CE India navigate market dynamics and uncertainties to stay agile and responsive to the evolving needs of customers?

Market requirements should increase in India as the Government of India has proposed projects like Road construction, River linking, PM Awaas Yojna, Jal Jeevan mission, and Greenfield airports will improve the demand, which improved mining activities will support. If we talk about challenges, one of the major challenges or a key customer requirement is that the machine should work trouble-free continuously throughout the year. So, it’s our responsibility to design products keeping customer expectations in mind. This is why all our mining products are premium HX Series global designed products equipped with heavy-duty structures and attachments so that they can work longer without any major issues. We also have 24/7 on-site service and spare parts support to improve the product’s uptime.


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