Aerolam bubble insulation is self-supporting and is one of the fastest and cost-effective solution as compared with mass insulation, says Tushar Dastane, Marketing & Training Manager, Aerolam Insulations Pvt Ltd. Hence, helps in saving time and resources.

Brief us about your offerings at Roof India.
Aerolam has come up with an array of reflective insulation materials to suit each zonal need. Aerolam started with 4-mm cost-effective bubble insulation and has made a big breakthrough in the pre-engineered building (PEB) sector, by providing easy to install roof insulation which saved time and resources. Trusting the Industry notions and quality requirements Aerolam soon introduced the very first Double Bubble 8-mm product with a huge success and continues to enjoy the market share. Big Bubble 20-mm demands are met wherein the outside and inside temperature differentials are high. HVAC loads are to be kept on the lower side, and higher energy savings are the focus of these specific Industries.

How can your products in insulation add more value to construction?
Aerolam bubble insulation application is the fastest and cost-effective when compared with mass insulation requiring weld mesh and supports adding to time and extra costs. Aerolam bubble insulation is self-supporting. In fact, the application with new roofing systems and Aerolam is the fastest in PEB segment, widely specified, used and promoted by key PEB players. For existing roofs (structures), the bubble insulation is used in numerous retrofit projects. This type of application does not require the roofing sheets to be removed at all. The raw-material inputs and production process are equally supportive to the green and sustainable initiatives. Third-party product certifications and continuous assessments are key elements while specification standards raise the bar.

What are the latest trends in insulation?
Looking at the new-age designers and industrial-commercial fitouts, the company has introduced two new categories: Aerolam Unique, Aerolam Ultra. These two products are catching the eye of the new age designer, providing the amalgamation of reflective bubble and XLPE foam in a single grade. We have always been trendsetters and the first ones to bring in Doubble Bubble, ultra and unique grades. We are fast setting the trend to do the insulation for curved roofing systems, where the structure is self-supporting and application is crucial part of the retrofit method. With the advent of new modular and dry construction methods being introduced, our insulation meets the construction criterion. Easy to ship out, handle, store, cut, paste, apply, and finally neat clean looks. Be it wall partitions, false ceilings, interiors etc.

How are your products different from the ones available in the market?
We are the first ones to introduce the following Bubble+XLPE advantage to Indian markets. Aerolam Unique: Has a combination of Bubble with foil on one side and other side with XLPE foam. Aerolam Ultra: Has a XLPE foam sandwiched between bubble foil combinations. These two products have enabled the designers or the end-user to specifically select and meet the project demand, where thermal and acoustical parameters are interdependent. Apart from the standard roofing industry our Aerolam Insulation is being widely consumed in conversion industry, poultry segments, dairy and winery units.

Aerolam raw-material inputs and production process are equally supportive to the green and sustainable initiatives.
Tushar Dastane, Marketing & Training Manager, Aerolam Insulations Pvt Ltd

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