Sisalation, Flamestop 138 aluminum-based insulation saves energy. The insulation solution is also one of the fastest and most cost-effective solution as compared with mass insulation hence, saves time and resources.

How can your product in insulation add more value to construction?
Flamestop 138 installation is the fastest and most cost-effective when compared with mass insulation requiring weld mesh and supports adding to time and extra costs. Flamestop 138 insulation is self-supporting high-strength product that can be installed on spans up to 1200mm without support. In fact, the application with new roofing systems and Flamestop 138 is the fastest in PEB segment, widely specified, used and promoted by key PEB players. Flamestop 138 can also be installed in existing roofs (structures) and retrofit buildings. The raw-material inputs and production process are equally supportive to the green and sustainable initiatives. Macmillan Insulation is committed to providing environmentally sustainable products. Macmillan Insulation products have Zero Ozone Depleting Potential in both manufacture and composition, complying with the GreenStar Insulant ODP Emissions credit requirement. Air quality during manufacture is maintained with total Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions below quantifiable levels.

What are the latest trends in insulation?
Considering new-age designers and industrial-commercial fitouts, the company has introduced a new product SisalationWhite Facing Foil MD. This product is catching the eye of the new age designer, providing the amalgamation of a clean decorative finish. The use of a white polypropylene film coating provides excellent resistance to corrosive or chemical environments, ensuring quality and longevity. The white polymeric surface provides an effective barrier against moisture, vapour, wind and dust penetration when overlapped. Sisalation440W, white tape is recommended to provide a vapour-sealed join in humid environments such as indoor swimming pools. With the advent of new modular and dry construction methods being introduced, our insulation meets the construction criterion. Easy to transport, handle, store, apply and finally neat clean looks. Be false ceilings, interiors etc.

How are your products different from the ones available in the market?
The product is heavy duty to provide superior edge tear resistance to prevent ripping during installation. They are self-supporting high strength product that can be installed on spans up to 1200 mm without support. Faced on both sides with Albar to provide scuff resistance and prevent damage to surfaces during construction. The high density two-way fibreglass reinforcement provides greater strength. They are also fire retardant and will not support combustion or the spread of flames. Additionally, highly reflectivity enhances lighting conditions and low emissivity limits heat loss. The products are manufactured with pure aluminium foil to provide an effective barrier against vapour. This product has enabled the designers or the end-user to specifically meet the project demand, where thermal insulation is utmost important. Apart from the standard roofing industry our insulation is being widely consumed in PEB industry, poultry segments and dairy farms. We have successfully installed millions of sq.ft. of insulation all over India with complete customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers have placed repetitive orders.

Ashok Kumar Sharma, CEO, Macmillan Insulations India.

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