The world is trying to reduce global warming by using less energy that makes greenhouse gases. A UN report in 2021 said that buildings, roads, and other structures cause most of these emissions, so we need to focus on them to help the climate. Big industries like power, transport, and construction need a lot of investment to become carbon-free. By 2050, we want to use more environment-friendly options like green hydrogen made from water or biomass without harming the environment.

Hydrogen is useful for storing energy, as a fuel, and in manufacturing. It’s perfect for industries that are hard to change to electric power. Using green hydrogen instead of harmful gases can help make industries like steel making and city gas cleaner and reduce India’s dependence on imported gas.

The Indian government and businesses consider green hydrogen key to a carbon-free future. In January 2023, India started a big project to become a leader in green hydrogen, with a lot of money set aside for making equipment and producing the hydrogen. States in India are also giving benefits for using green hydrogen.

India plans to grow its production of the equipment needed for green hydrogen and hopes to be good at making it by 2030. This will help bring down the cost. Once it’s cheaper, green hydrogen can help clean up other areas like transportation and making chemicals.

Green hydrogen could greatly lower carbon emissions and save money on energy imports. It will secure India’s energy, keep industrial costs stable, and strengthen the economy. India plans to build a lot of infrastructure, increasing industrial activity and renewable energy use. With the right policies, these steps will help the hydrogen industry grow and make India’s industries greener and more ready for expansion.

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