Shell Lubricants will showcase superior range of high performance lubricants for construction industry including Engine oils, Greases, Hydraulic oils and Transmission fluids.
What is your expectation from the EXCON ’19?
Excon 2019, the mega construction equipment event would be an important platform to disseminate information about our range of product offerings and superior technical services. With large number of OEMs and construction end users participating at the event, it will provide us an opportunity to interact and educate customers about the benefits of using Shell Lubricants through showcasing our existing and new product offerings and technical services.

What are the new product launches you have planned for Excon 19?
Shell offers wide range of high-performance lubricants both for the global and Indian construction equipment market through a structured research and development alliance with OEMs. We will showcase our superior range superior range of high performance lubricants for construction industry including Engine oils, Greases, Hydraulic oils and Transmission fluids.

Providing engine oils for extended equipment uptime in differential weather conditions is also key for Shell. Shell Lubricants works with OEMs to draw on the technical knowledge and expertise to deliver a range of heavy duty lubricant products, business services and maintenance solutions that can help to add real value to the operations.

It is worth mentioning here that Shell Rimula, heavy duty diesel engine oils from the Shell Lubricants portfolio, Our next gen GTL (Gas to Liquid) based Axle, Tranmsission and Hydraulic oils offer superior protection for all construction machinery

Through online assets such as LubeAdvisor, LubeMatch and LubeCoach, Shell provides its partners with the services, knowledge and tools they need to train their staff on lubrication best practices, find exactly the right oil for their vehicle and use case, and maintain that oil — and the machine it protects — in peak condition. Our experts can help you keep up with the pace of change and stay ahead of your competitors.

What is the uniqueness of brand Shell in comparison to other players in the market?
At Shell, we believe in mutual and sustainable growth, and so the company has been continually investing in customer awareness. We have more than 700 technical experts globally who are constantly in touch with OEM customers. We have been taking our customers through awareness programs informing them about lubrication and the challenges grease application present for fuel economy. For the last five months, we have been actively trying to create market awareness on lubricants. The Shell Lubricants Master Brand ‘Together Anything is Possible’ campaign is our latest endeavor to inform as well as educate our partners and customers about lubricants and the crucial role they play on reducing the total cost of ownership. We have aimed at enhancing awareness upon what kind of filters and lubricants they should use and their impacts on the fuel economy. The company will keep working towards increasing awareness. In terms of equipment quality, say, for taking samples for testing, we tell them where to take the sample for the technology lab report, whether the oil is good or not. There is a sampling location in equipment from where sample needs to be taken, we tell them at what time sample should be collected, after how many hours etc. It seems to be a small thing which is ignored but we want to add lot of value by these awareness campaigns.

Given the market dynamics, what are your focus areas?
Shell has always had a customer centric approach; we aim towards bringing innovative ideas and technology in our products and services. At Shell, we work to achieve technology leadership in the market. We have also consistently invested in upgrading and growing our world-class supply chain, to align with global demand patterns. Our future focus will continue to build on close customer and industry collaborations. These will deliver innovative and integrated product and service solutions to meet changing customer needs and opportunities that the energy transition brings. We are free to deploy various strategies depending upon the sector.

We want to deliver beyond the product. We are the market leaders in prospective areas of application in construction or mining and are among the top 10 of the biggest mining companies supplying lubricant to 8 of them. We are present in Australia, Indonesia, India, Africa and cater to a lot of companies. That is the legacy of our leadership. We have deployed a strategy of using next generation advanced synthetic oils for transmission applications designed to deliver across 1 lakh kilometres. We create a value chain for the whole industry. A lot of OEMs can extend the warranty across sectors preventing the need to change oil up to 5 years of operation.

We also intend to demonstrate our superior value proposition by showcasing technical services including comprehensive condition monitoring, easy-to-use digital tools like Shell LubeChat, Shell Virtual Assistant, Shell Lubricant Management Program, Machine Max and our cutting-edge oil analysis service; Shell LubeAnalyst

Siva Kasturi, Asia Pacific Regional OEM Manager, Shell Global Lubricants

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