In the logistics industry, efficient loading and unloading are critical. Avians offers specialised solutions for Indian conditions, including dock levellers, shelters, dock houses, and accessories, all focused on safety and efficiency. Their equipment adheres to international standards, making Avians a top choice for streamlined operations.

In today’s fast-paced logistics industry, optimising loading and unloading operations is crucial for efficient dispatch and reduced vehicle turnaround time. Avians is a leading provider of loading bay solutions and offers a comprehensive range of equipment designed specifically for Indian conditions. Our dock levellers, dock shelters, dock house, and various accessories ensure seamless operations while prioritising safety and performance.

Dock Levelers: Avians Dock Levelers are intelligently designed to streamline the loading and unloading. With a single push-button operation, these high-quality docking systems conform to the latest European standard EN 1398 and CE Certified. Avians Dock Levelers significantly reduce vehicle dispatch time and effort, making them an indispensable tool for continuous operations. Dock levellers offer key benefits such as smooth loading and unloading, height adjustment for different vehicles, safety features for stability, increased productivity, improved worker safety, and versatility in various loading bay setups.

Dock Shelters and Seals: Avians’ European standard EN 1398 and CE Certified Dock Shelters are tailored for diverse usage scenarios, effectively shielding loading bays from external factors such as cold, heat, rain, breeze, snow, and dirt. Avians offers retractable and inflatable dock shelters for loading bays. Retractable dock shelters have flexible curtain walls that wrap around trucks, creating a tight seal against external elements. Inflatable dock shelters use inflatable airbags to mould to the shape of vehicles, providing an airtight seal and temperature control. Both options are durable and suitable for various truck sizes, ensuring efficient and protected loading bay operations. For sites with limited space, Avians’ dock seals offer a space-efficient solution without compromising functionality.

Dock House: A dock house is a structure built around the loading dock area to provide protection and functionality. It shields the loading bay from weather conditions, enhances security, reduces noise, and improves operational efficiency. Avians offers customisable dock houses that create a secure and efficient environment for loading and unloading operations.

Accessories: Avians understands the importance of additional accessories to enhance loading bay functionality and safety. Here are some key accessories we offer:

  •      Vehicle Restraints: Avians’ vehicle restraint systems provide an extra layer of safety by securing trucks and trailers to the loading dock, preventing unintended vehicle movement. Avians offers manual and automatic vehicle restraint systems designed to enhance safety at the loading bay.
  •      Vehicle Guides: Vehicle guides assist drivers in aligning their trucks and trailers accurately with the dock, facilitating efficient loading and unloading operations.
  •      Wheel Chocks: Wheel chocks are crucial in preventing truck and trailer movement during loading and unloading, promoting worker safety, and preventing accidents.
  •      Rubber Bumpers: These durable bumpers are mounted on loading bay walls, absorbing impact and protecting vehicles and buildings from potential damage.
  •      Traffic Lights: Installed at loading bays, traffic lights provide clear signals to drivers and dock workers, ensuring smooth vehicle flow and accident prevention.
  •      Interlocking Systems:Interlocking systems provide an additional layer of safety by ensuring that specific actions or conditions are met before the loading or unloading process can begin.
  •      Sensors:Sensors are crucial in loading bay safety and efficiency. Proximity sensors can detect the presence of vehicles, ensuring that dock equipment is activated only when a truck or trailer is properly positioned.

Avians’ loading bay solutions, including dock levellers, dock shelters, and accessories, offer an integrated approach to enhance loading and unloading operations. Their equipment not only simplifies the process but also reduces dispatch time and effort. With a focus on safety and compliance, Avians’ solutions are designed to meet international standards while catering to Indian conditions. By investing in Avians’ loading bay solutions, businesses can optimise efficiency, ensure worker safety, and drive overall operational excellence in logistics operations.

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