Waste water treatment consists of ETPs & STPs. Depending on the types of wastewater, the operating costs vary accordingly .however at the core of the system is a biological bacteria based process which ensures reduction in COD, BOD and organic matter. Amalgam biotech,www.amalgambiotech.com provides solutions for effective biological treatment in the form of BactaCult Bioculture.

What is your strategy to cater the water management solutions & services in the growing market demand?
With the growing demand for ETP/STP solutions we are providing industry specific bioculture like paper & pulp, textile, sugar industries etc. We have always targeted all the OEMs but recently we have been approaching the end customers as not all the industries are actively involved in waste water treatment (ETP/STP) rather they are still relying on the traditional ways to dispose off waste water into natural resource, nallah, rivers & ponds.

Another major market we are tapping into is biotoilets. Our product Bacta Cult BSP is specialized culture for biotoilets. Bio-toilets, septic tank & porta cabin these are the problem creating loops in many parts of India, so we are launching a new product to tackle this all in one shot which is Bacta-Cult BSP – it kills odour, degrades waste, is helpful in de-clogging drains & also reduces maintenance cost.

What are the latest technologies being used for water treatment?
One of the emerging technologies in the wastewater industry is the use of biodegradable products such as bioculture to treat the waste water without using heavy chemicals. BactaCult(we) focus on sustainable means of treatment and hence promote the same

Discuss the challenges faced by the industry?
Maximum industries today do not have a proper ETP/STP setup ( given the cost of installation) due to which the waste water is not getting treated and is dumped directly into rivers . this is major issue that needs our attention. Regardless of government norms very few industies have well operational ETPs & STPs.

What are the emerging water treatment technologies?
In wastewater treatment Self dissolving bioculture pouches is the latest technology we have embraced. Bacta Cult BSP which is made specifically for Biotoilets, Septic tank &Porta Cabin ,It is designed so that the product degrades the waste, kills the odour and gets self dissolved leaving hassle free experience of using it.

How can water resources in India be used in the most economical way?
We believe that recycling the waste water is the most economical way without actually getting new source of water. By installing ETP/STP plants we can reuse the wastewater in irrigation purpose, fulfilling industrial and residential water demand. It also helps in cutting down the odour in the plant. The sludge which we get in the end which Is also called as Biomass can use for gardening purpose as Superficial Fertilizer.

What is the importance of recycling and wastewater treatment?
Recycling and reuse of treated wastewater are an important part of the sanitation cycle and critical in an environment such as urban India with decreasing freshwater availability and increasing costs for delivering acceptable quality water, often from far distance. Reuse may include irrigation, replenishing surface water and groundwater or simply again in the industry for other purposes.

Anil Joshi, Technical Executive, Amalgam Biotech.

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