CASE India is at the forefront of environmentally responsible road expansion through its commitment to meeting and exceeding emission standards.

This interview looks inside the world of CASE India, where innovation is at the forefront of the construction, mining, and road development industries. Learn how CASE India’s commitment to efficiency, reliability, and sustainability is not only influencing the way we build roads but also laying the way for a brighter future. How does India’s infrastructure push drive tech advancements in construction/mining/road techniques? India’s ambitious infrastructure push has driven significant technological advancements in the construction, mining, and road techniques sectors. The focus on improving infrastructure has created a demand for innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.

Considering this, CASE India integrated advanced telematics systems and intelligent hydraulic technology in construction and mining equipment. The CASE Excavators exemplify how technology is being leveraged to transform traditional construction practices. The Intelligent Hydraulic System (CIHS) incorporated into these excavators revolutionises their performance by optimising fuel efficiency, control, and overall productivity. The system enhances critical aspects such as breakout forces, swing speeds, and swing torque, resulting in faster cycle times and an impressive 5 percent boost in productivity.


How do advanced construction tech and equipment aid ecofriendly road expansion amid local concerns?

Technology and smart equipment play a vital role in promoting environmentally responsible road expansion. Advanced construction technology and equipment are pivotal in driving eco-friendly road expansion, effectively addressing local concerns regarding environmental impact. The compact and versatile nature of modern construction equipment streamlines operations and reduces land disruption, assuaging worries about ecological disturbances. The advanced machines are further engineered to reduce emissions, meeting or surpassing stringent environmental standards and curbing the release of harmful pollutants. Their energy-efficient features and quieter operation minimise energy consumption and noise pollution, promoting sustainability and community well-being. CASE equipment promotes fuel efficiency through electronically controlled engines. Our machinery is equipped with state-of-the-art engine technology that optimises fuel consumption, ensuring that we maximise energy efficiency while minimising the environmental footprint of our operations. These electronically controlled engines are designed to deliver power precisely when needed, reducing unnecessary fuel consumption during idling or low-demand periods. In addition to that, our equipment often features multiple operating modes tailored for fuel efficiency. These modes allow operators to choose the most appropriate setting for the specific task, whether heavy excavation or lighter earthmoving. This flexibility enhances productivity, contributes to fuel savings, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

However, CASE India is at the forefront of environmentally responsible road expansion through its commitment to meeting and exceeding emission standards. All CASE equipment is CEV/ TREM IV compliant, showcasing our dedication to eco-conscious construction practices. Our adherence to these stringent emission standards ensures that our machinery operates with minimal environmental impact. Furthermore, we are proactively preparing for the upcoming CEV/TREM V emission norms, which are set to take effect from April 2024. This demonstrates our commitment to staying ahead of regulatory requirements and continuing to reduce emissions in our equipment.

How does modern equipment speed India’s infrastructure growth and “Transforming India” projects?

Integrating modern equipment is a key driver in India’s infrastructure advancement, aligning perfectly with the “Transforming India” vision. CASE’s commitment to innovation and technology, as evidenced by its advanced equipment, such as its versatile excavators (CX220C, CX220C LC), offers a prime example of how procurement experts contribute to this transformation.

CASE’s machinery enhances efficiency and productivity and addresses crucial aspects like emissions reduction and fuel efficiency, in line with environmental sustainability goals. Their focus on safety and operator well-being, with features like collision avoidance systems and improved visibility, exemplifies a commitment to responsible and safe construction practices.

Which innovations improve the efficiency, reliability, and cost effectiveness of construction/ mining equipment?

A wave of innovations in construction and mining equipment is reshaping industry dynamics, delivering heightened efficiency, unwavering reliability, and remarkable cost-effectiveness. The cornerstone of these advancements lies in the development of more robust engines. For instance, the CX220C LC Excavator, proudly manufactured in India, shines in demanding applications thanks to its fuel-efficient FPT engine, delivering a substantial 117 kW (157 hp) gross power output. Similarly, the CX220C Crawler Excavator is powered by the FPT “NEF 6” Series Industrial engine, a marvel of engineering that not only lowers fuel consumption but also amplifies productivity by 5 percent through the integration of the CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System (CIHS).

Compact equipment spearheads a revolution, offering the versatility to access constrained spaces and heightening manoeuvrability across various applications. This compact machinery isn’t just a space-saving solution; it’s a time- and resource saving solution.

Operating modes have emerged as a driving force behind equipment efficiency, allowing operators to fine-tune performance. These include ECO mode and energy saving controls, which empower operators to conserve fuel and elevate overall operational efficiency. To augment these innovations, CASE India’s Telematics system provides real-time maintenance, tracking, utilisation, and security updates. This system is the guardian of transparency, promptly notifying users about vital parameters such as fuel usage, battery status, and geo-fencing. But the innovation doesn’t stop there; it extends to operator safety, where advanced features are meticulously integrated into equipment models such as the 770EX series. A comprehensive audio-visual warning system with over 25 alerts keeps operators informed, while ergonomic cabins ensure comfort and clear visibility. Additionally, intuitive controls contribute to a productive working environment. To minimise downtime and mitigate potential risks, an engine protection shutdown mechanism is in place, reaffirming the commitment to safety.

Furthermore, environmental preservation remains a focal point, with features like Eco Mode and Auto Idle enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing noise levels. These measures contribute to a safer and quieter operational environment. In summary, the construction and mining equipment industry is transforming, driven by innovations prioritising efficiency, reliability, operator safety, and sustainability. These advancements are a testament to CASE’s dedication to meeting industry demands with efficient and environmentally responsible equipment.

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