A significant stride in Mumbai’s metro network expansion has been achieved with the announcement of the CEG-KNR Joint Venture securing the general consultant contract for constructing the Kanjurmarg Depot for Mumbai Metro Line 6.

This triumph solidifies the joint venture’s pivotal role in overseeing and advising on crucial aspects of the metro project.

The Kanjurmarg Depot holds paramount importance in the operation and maintenance of Mumbai Metro Line 6, and the appointment of CEG-KNR JV as the general consultant underscores their adeptness in managing complex infrastructure projects. Their responsibilities include thorough planning, coordination, and advisory services, aiming for the seamless implementation of the metro depot.

This contract victory not only enriches the portfolio of the CEG-KNR Joint Venture but also marks a significant milestone in Mumbai’s metro expansion journey. The depot is poised to enhance the efficiency and reliability of metro services, thereby benefiting commuters and bolstering the city’s transportation infrastructure.

As Mumbai advances towards a more extensive and interconnected metro network, the expertise provided by CEG-KNR JV in their role as the general consultant for the Kanjurmarg Depot is expected to be instrumental in the successful execution of this critical phase of the metro project.

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