CoPilot introduces a revolutionary approach to code generation, specifically tailored for IEC 61131-3 Structured Text, seamlessly integrating with B&R’s established libraries and conventions.

This cutting-edge system is engineered to minimise manual coding, allowing engineers to redirect their focus towards creative problem-solving and rapid prototyping. In today’s rapidly evolving machine automation industry, time-to-market is critical for staying ahead of the competition. CoPilot empowers developers to efficiently manage complex systems, providing a significant competitive advantage.

One of CoPilot’s key features is its ability to enhance code quality through automated commenting and optimisation. By intuitively annotating code, it improves readability and long-term maintainability, ensuring smoother collaboration among team members. With well-structured and clearly annotated code, troubleshooting becomes more efficient, freeing up valuable time for innovation and development.

Ultimately, CoPilot is not just a tool; it’s a catalyst for transformation within the machine building industry. By streamlining workflows, reducing manual coding, and enhancing collaboration, it enables machine builders to deliver high-quality products to market faster, gaining a decisive edge in competitive markets.

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