In this exclusive interview, GS Caltex reveals its ability to direct the course of significant infrastructure projects in India strategically. GS Caltex’s dedication to offering unmatched lubricant solutions that are painstakingly crafted to improve the longevity and efficiency of heavy machinery in the mining and construction industries is the cornerstone of this strategic drive.

“Construction equipment can perform better based on the right choice of lubricants.”

Global push for infrastructure development

GS Caltex, one of the leading MNC lubricants players to support the Indian construction and mining segment, is leveraging the growth potential of the existing demand in the market. One critical element of our proposition is providing high-performance lubricants and value-added services. GS Caltex finished lubes have the advantage of using highly improved KIXX LUBO Base Oils with superior characteristics necessary for efficient operations in the construction and mining industry.

Ensuring optimal efficiency and longevity

Construction equipment can perform better based on the right choice of lubricants. That’s why GS Caltex has invested millions of testing hours to prove that its flagship brand, Kixx lubricants, provides engines and transmissions with superior protection to extend equipment life and reduce downtime. By using only the highest-quality base oils of Group II+ and above combined with a highly specialised additive system, GS Caltex Kixx branded lubricants for construction provide the proper frictional properties, material compatibility, and overall performance level required by heavy- duty equipment.

The high-performance lubricants from GS Caltex offer ultimate reliability at all temperatures, lower oil consumption, significantly lower fuel consumption, and specifically extended service intervals. Whenever engines and gearboxes run freer and more reliably, operating costs are lower, if only because they consume less. And just 1 percent lower fuel consumption means, depending on operating conditions, fuel savings of several hundred Rupees per vehicle and year.

Specialty lubricants for extreme conditions

We have already invested in developing our PAO-based Kixx range (Kixx HDX EURO) to meet the future demands of the sector. Product categories meeting API CK4 and API FA4 standards are also in our portfolio basket. Apart from the same, we have expanded our Hydraulic Oil portfolio to offer Extra Long Life Hydraulic Oil (Kixx Hydro HVL) and Zinc Free Hydraulic Oil (Kixx Hydro HV AF). We have also expanded our synthetic grease portfolio to focus on high temperature grease (Kixx Therma 2), moly grease (Kixx Molytex 2), and Kixx Advance Grease range for construction and mining industries for various applications. All these product categories are designed to meet the extreme conditions of the mining industry and have proven testimonials across leading industries in the sector.

GS Caltex ensures resilience and continuity in the supply

As you rightly mentioned, several geopolitical risks appear as headwinds for the Lubricants Industry. Disruption in the global supply chain leading to extreme price fluctuations in commodity prices at the component level has created a lot of fluctuations in planning and prioritising for our Industry. GS Caltex has always been with its customers and OEMs by going that extra mile and remaining agile and resilient.

GS Caltex is a fully integrated lubricants player with its refinery at Yeosu in South Korea, a full-fledged world-class R&D at Daejon in South Korea, followed by our lube oil blending plant near Panvel in Maharashtra, which means we are much better equipped to handle any fluctuations arising in the industry.

GS Caltex at Excon 2023

As shared earlier, GS Caltex is partnering with Kixx Lubricants to develop high-performance Kixx Lubricants in the CK4 and FA4 categories for the Indian market. GS Caltex has also made consistent R&D efforts to develop eco-friendly lubricant products to maintain engine oil performance. As a result, hybrid-specific Kixx HYBRID engine oil was launched in 2020, EV-specific Kixx EV engine oil was launched in 2021, and ‘Kixx BIO1’, Korea’s first eco-friendly engine oil made from plant-based raw materials, was launched in 2022.

GS Caltex has consistently pursued R&D and open innovation to uncover R&D opportunities and secure differentiated technological capabilities in a wide range of fields, including hydrogen, Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU), and eco-friendly asphalt/polymer products. GS Caltex is now a fully integrated Lubricants Player supporting the Indian construction and mining industry for a decade. We have regularly participated in EXCON and continue showcasing our futuristic innovation.

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