Integrating the swift operation of high-speed doors with the resilient security of rolling shutters, Toshi Spiral Doors is setting new benchmarks in sectors including Food, Pharmaceuticals, and Warehousing.

In today’s fast-paced industrial environments, reliable, efficient, and secure entrance solutions are paramount. Toshi Spiral Doors emerge as a cutting-edge innovation, seamlessly combining the speed of high-speed doors with the robust security of rolling shutters. These doors are revolutionising operations across various industries including Food, Pharmaceuticals, and Warehouses.

Features and benefits
Toshi Spiral Doors offers unparalleled safety with sophisticated safety features to minimise workplace accidents. Their smooth operation reduces the risk of mishaps, enhancing overall workplace safety. Additionally, they excel in thermal insulation, which is crucial for maintaining consistent temperatures within industrial facilities. This feature improves operational efficiency and reduces energy expenses by minimising heat loss or gain, depending on the season. The high-speed operation of Toshi Spiral Doors is another significant benefit, as it directly impacts productivity by facilitating the swift movement of goods and personnel, thereby optimising traffic flow within the facility. Security is robust with these doors, engineered to withstand unauthorised access attempts, protecting valuable assets and inventory. Thanks to their no-contact spiral technology, facility managers can rely on the doors’ durability and low maintenance. This innovative design minimises wear and tear, resulting in longer-lasting performance and reduced maintenance costs.

Applications across industries
The applications of Toshi Spiral Doors span across various industries. In storage facilities, maintaining controlled environments is essential for preserving goods, and the exceptional insulation capabilities of Toshi Spiral Doors contribute to maintaining optimal temperatures, ensuring stored items remain in pristine condition. In manufacturing plants, where workflow efficiency directly impacts production output, the high-speed operation of these doors plays a pivotal role. They enable rapid movement of materials and equipment, streamlining manufacturing processes and minimising downtime.

Customer success story
Recently, Toshi Automation Solutions Limited collaborated with a prominent FMCG company to enhance their operational efficiency and security at their warehouse with our top-of-the-line spiral doors. Protecting valuable inventory and maintaining a secure facility was the primary objective. Installation of Toshi Spiral Doors ensured robust security with its sturdy construction and optional access control systems that help prevent unauthorised access and safeguard assets.

This partnership underscores our commitment to delivering quality solutions tailored to specific customer needs. At Toshi, customer satisfaction, reliability, and precision engineering are foundational principles that drive innovation and excellence.

Integrating advanced features to enhance safety, insulation, speed, and security has made our spiral doors popular in different industries. Our customers acknowledge and appreciate the superiority of Toshi Spiral Doors over other industrial door automation solutions available today. Whether you want to optimise retail operations, improve storage facility efficiency, or streamline manufacturing processes, Toshi Spiral Doors offers a reliable solution tailored to your unique requirements.

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