Harpreet Singh Wahan, Business Head – India & ASEAN Region, Enovation Controls, shares insights into the company’s strategic focus, technological advancements, and its pivotal role in shaping the future of electronic and hydraulic solutions in the region.

What is your primary focus within the realm of technology and product development?

Enovation Controls, a division of Helios Technologies, specialises in electronic controls and hydraulic solutions. As a technology provider, we design and manufacture displays, controllers, IO modules, and sensors. Enovation collaborates with major global OEMs, we integrate cutting-edge technologies into their equipment, addressing the demands of contemporary applications. We deliver innovative solutions to elevate performance and functionality in diverse industries.

How does the long-term engagement with OEM partners contribute to the ability to anticipate technological advancements?

We prioritise staying at the forefront of innovation and technology through close collaboration with major global OEMs. With extensive partnerships lasting more than 15 to 20 years, we develop a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and plans. This long-term engagement allows us to anticipate technological advancements and align our product development strategies accordingly, often implementing solutions that will be relevant three to five years down the line. By continuously adapting and evolving with our OEM partners, we ensure our ability to meet their current and future requirements, successfully navigating potential complexities.

How do you balance the need for innovation to provide reliable and time-tested solutions to your clients?

Participating in exhibitions like EXCON is a crucial marketing event for us, showcasing technology that meets current needs and is future-ready for the next three to five years. Our approach emphasises scalability, ensuring that our technological solutions remain relevant and effective for up to seven to ten years. This forward-thinking strategy enables our company’s sustained growth by offering products with enduring value. We prioritise developing technologies that provide long-term utility, minimising the need for constant adaptation and ensuring our clients have reliable solutions that stand the test of time.

Enovation Controls

How does your company integrate data into every piece of equipment, and what types of information are gathered regarding equipment and site performance and operator efficiency?

Our operational efficiency and sustainability approach leverage the data we gather from being integrated into every piece of equipment. This data encompasses equipment and site performance, as well as operator efficiency. Armed with this information, we employ advanced calculations and algorithms to precisely assess and define the efficiency of the site, operator, or machine. Identifying issues is 90% of solving the problem. This insight allows OEMs to remotely access detailed analytics, charts, and graphs, enabling them to make informed decisions to enhance operator and equipment efficiency. Our focus on data-driven solutions empowers continuous improvement, contributing to sustainable and optimised operations across various industries.

Can you elaborate on the positive strides you’ve observed in addressing the challenges of sourcing sophisticated electronics?

In the dynamic technology landscape of the construction equipment sector, our competitive edge is shaped by both opportunities and challenges. While governmental initiatives like Make in India and regulatory easing are commendable, certain hurdles persist, particularly in sourcing electronic components which are still heavily imported into the country. Consumer electronics manufacturing has gained momentum in India and we believe this will help create the eco-system where lower volume niche manufacturing will also benefit. Encouragingly, we see positive strides in this direction. Despite challenges, our industry’s application and equipment side is advancing rapidly. With a predicted 15-20 percent growth in the Indian CE industry YOY over the next two to three years, our commitment to innovation, adaptability, and strategic partnerships positions us well to navigate and capitalise on the evolving landscape, ensuring a competitive edge in technology and sustainable growth.

What has been the overall response to Excon 2023, and how would you characterise the level of attendance?

Excon 2023 has generated an excellent response, with strong attendance and positive feedback. The event reflects the growth potential in the Indian industry, driven by initiatives like Make in India. The enthusiasm indicates a promising trajectory for the sector. With two more days remaining in the show, the outlook is optimistic, and we anticipate a fantastic conclusion with valuable interactions and opportunities for all participants.

How does introducing these new displays and controllers align with current industry trends or emerging technologies?

This year, our focus revolves around showcasing six new displays and our controllers. Among them is the upcoming 3.5-inch round display, the P70 our new 7 inch display and the Select Series – S50 and S70 which is opensource and aimed at developers wanting to do their own thing. Additionally, we are introducing two of our Big displays, the 12-inch and the 15-inch, both part of our Ultimate Series. The U-Controls Controller series along with these displays highlight our commitment to advancing display and controller technology in the industry.

Are there any unique design features that make your latest products suitable for rugged industries, and how do these features enhance durability and reliability?

Anticipate a wave of innovations from us as we integrate cutting-edge features into our displays and controls. Our latest products boast built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet functionalities, ensuring connectivity and data accessibility. With glove touch technology and rugged design features tailored for the industry, we’re elevating the user experience in off-highway and rugged environments. Drawing inspiration from advancements in automotive technology, we’re committed to bringing similar sophistication and convenience to the off-highway sector, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the rugged industry in the coming days.

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