Explore the welding horizons with Keyur Sanghvi, where Mehta Sanghvi & Co. leaves an indelible mark on the industry. This interview explores how the industry bridges the gap between tradition and innovation, showcasing a narrative that transcends time and industry boundaries.

Please provide an overview of Mehta Sanghvi & Co’s journey from its inception to its current position as one of the leading SMEs in India.

Mehta Sanghvi & Co is a 56-year-old company founded by Harshad Sanghvi with a vision of achieving a pan-India presence. The company initially focused on industrial supplies, welding accessories, safety equipment, and PPEs, catering to major industries in North, Eastern, and Central India, particularly in the steel, cement, and mining sectors. 1994 Mumbai operations were initiated, expanding the company’s footprint to encompass major industrial regions of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Goa, eventually achieving a nationwide presence. Since 2000, Keyur Sanghvi spearheaded the integration of global technologies into the Indian market, prioritising the delivery of top-notch equipment and services for metal cutting, joining, bevelling, and welding solutions. 

Emphasising quality and advanced technology over turnover, our mission revolves around providing the best-in-class equipment and exemplary after-sales services to Indian industries. Drawing from hands-on experience gained on the shop floors of diverse fabrication industries, including Larsen & Toubro, BHEL, Godrej, NPCIL, and Tata Motors, coupled with participation in technical forums organised by esteemed institutions such as IIW, IWS, ISNT, and ASM, we continually refine our expertise.

Our global engagements involve extensive travel to learn about cutting-edge technologies in cutting, beveling, welding, and surface treatment chemicals, fostering partnerships with companies across Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland, Australia, the USA, and China. Today, we take pride in being one of the leading SMEs in India, offering unparalleled technical solutions and services. Our product portfolio encompasses CNC plate and pipe cutting, beveling machines, welding equipment ranging from SAW, MIG, TIG, Plasma, and welding SPM to welding robots, as well as orbital tube cutting, facing, tube-to-tube sheet equipment, and welding fume extraction and filtration equipment. Notably, we are one of the largest providers of welding accessories with CE-marked product ranges in India.

How do the brand names MSC and METARC represent the quality and reliability of your welding products? What distinguishes these brands in the market?

Our passion for innovation and commitment to developing import substitutes led us to focus on creating MIG, TIG, Plasma, and gouging torches, along with their respective spares. This dedication culminated in establishing the MSC range and Metarc range, showcasing our relentless pursuit of providing cutting-edge solutions in the welding industry.

Your product range is known for high tensile strength, durability, efficiency, corrosion resistance, and low maintenance. How does Mehta Sanghvi & Co. ensure and maintain these quality standards?

Before selecting any product range, we conduct thorough assessments by visiting factories to scrutinise their manufacturing practices and testing facilities. This meticulous approach allows us to gain firsthand knowledge and understand the intricacies of the production process. Subsequently, we immerse ourselves in learning and mastering the nuances of the chosen product range. We then proceed to invest in a demo range for rigorous testing, conducting demonstrations, and carrying out trials. Only after the product has been proven to meet our stringent quality standards and performance criteria do we proceed with its launch and offer it to the Indian industry or for export purposes. This meticulous process ensures that our offerings are of the highest quality and reliability.

How does your company establish and maintain connections with clients, and what role do quality, technology, and various platforms play in this process?

The Indian industry is bifurcated into two segments: private enterprises and Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs). At our company, we predominantly collaborate with renowned firms that prioritise quality and embrace advanced technology. Our ability to forge strong connections with clients is attributed to our product range’s exceptional quality and technical sophistication, including speciality items. We engage with clients through diverse platforms, including exhibitions, seminars, sales visits, and our online presence via websites. Much of our business originates from referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations, underscoring our proven track record and unwavering dedication to serving our clients diligently.

How do you ensure continuous skill development within your team, particularly regarding product demonstrations, and what role do you play as a director?

To ensure hands-on training and effective skill development within our team, we have established in-house products specifically designed for demonstrations. As a director, I actively engage in training sessions for the team, providing valuable insights and expertise. Additionally, we collaborate with our partners to facilitate specialised training programs, leveraging their knowledge and experience. Recognising the importance of continuous learning, we also enlist the services of consultants who bring additional insights and expertise to enhance our team’s capabilities further. This commitment to ongoing training underscores our dedication to maintaining a skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

How does your company contribute to the Indian metalworking industry, particularly in providing tailored solutions, after-sales support, and improvements in welding and cutting processes?

We take great pride in our significant contribution to the Indian metalworking industry. Our approach involves a thorough examination of client requirements and application studies to tailor solutions accordingly. Providing the right products is only the beginning; we place equal emphasis on after-sales support and timely replacement parts, recognising their critical role in ensuring operational continuity. Our involvement in numerous large-scale projects has effectively enhanced welding and cutting processes, elevating quality standards and operational efficiency. The extensive list of such impactful projects reflects our commitment to driving positive change within the industry.

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