India is a developing country in the world and our pace of development needs to accelerate. To achieve the set targets, we have to adopt speed, accuracy, quality and safety on all machineries utilized by the construction industry. If we look at our neighbour China, there are hundreds of buildings above 300m height and thousands of buildings above 150m height. All these projects were done with in a very short period of time with high speed machineries and new technologies.

We are the authorised dealer for one of such high-speed Men and Material Hoist, Passenger Hoist and Rack and Pinion Construction Platforms which GJJ invented after decades of their R & D. GJJ is the largest Exporter in the world and covering all the five continents.

Why GJJ is preferred Brand?
GJJ is the leader in high speed, medium speed and low speed hoists in the world market with a total population of about 64,000 units. This has been achieved through various successful innovations according to market requirements. GJJ has developed these hoists with the advanced technical support from NORD Germany and Siemens Germany and thus uses the NORD Mechanism along with Siemens VFD. GJJ eliminated the trailing power cables and innovated special bidirectional BUSBARS successfully.

The speeds specified in GJJ catalogues are the true speed achieved with full load. GJJ can offer 46m/min, 63m/min, 96m/min, and even 120m/min (2m/sec) hoist according to the height of building. These hoists can be used 20 yrs without any major troubles/maintenance. That is the advantage and reliability of GJJ hoist to become the preferred brand for the Contractors.

Today every construction like multi-storey buildings, cement, steel, power plants, refinery etc. are planned in fast trade and need such machineries to achieve targets on time.

Cost Effective Platforms: –
Even today most of the contractors use the scaffolding for external plastering, façade fitments etc. which costs high and forced to close the eyes on its safety. Such scaffolding has the limitation of height too. Every building needs same scaffoldings cost which can be saved. GJJ rack and pinion platforms replace this scaffolding. It comes in fully galvanized structure with 10.5m long or 24m long (adjustable lengths) with 1m candilever to take care of building extensions. Standard platforms can be used upto 200m height and with special design can use up to 300m height. The same platforms can be repeatedly used for 20 yrs. It takes only 3-4 days to install a 100m height.

Tower Crane Anti Collision Systems: –
We are the market leaders in Tower Crane Anti Collision Systems with a population of 300 systems in India. Our continuous effort on improvements stabilized the system most reliable and accurate according to Indian site/climate conditions. The radio controls are as per Indian government regulations for de-licensed frequencies for crane control. “EEE” anti-collision systems are within built SLI (Safe Load Indicator) functions provide added advantage to customers as a “Single System Installation”. Very economically priced with proven reliability and safety made this product no.1 stand in India.

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Authored By
P. V. Ramdev
Managing Director
Everest Engineering Equipment

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