The government has set an ambitious target of constructing 13,000 km of national highways (NH) by the end of March, constituting about 94 percent of its fiscal year 2024 goal.

In the preceding fiscal year (FY23), despite an initial target of 12,500 km, the government successfully completed 10,331 km of highways. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) is determined to award highway projects totaling ₹10,000 crore by March, aiming to sustain the momentum of infrastructure development.

As part of its strategic vision, the MoRTH is working towards transforming all one-lane roads into two-lane national highways by 2028. Remarkably, the proportion of less-than-two-lane NHs has reduced from 30 percent in 2014 to 10 percent in 2023. In the recently announced Interim Budget for FY25, the government allocated ₹2.78 trillion to the MoRTH, surpassing the previous fiscal year’s budget estimate of ₹2.7 trillion. This increased focus on infrastructure is expected to accelerate road construction, particularly in the segments awarded under Bharatamala-I projects.

The National Highway network spans 1,46,145 km, complemented by state highways covering 1,79,535 km, and district roads, single-lane roads, and others totaling 63,45,403 km. FY23 concluded with a noteworthy construction rate of 28.3 km per day, resulting in an overall achievement of 10,331 km of highways. The NH network has witnessed a remarkable 60 percent growth, expanding from 91,287 km in 2014 to 1,46,145 km in 2023. Although the MoRTH initially aspired to construct 14,600 km of highways in FY22, equivalent to 40 km per day, the target was later revised to 12,000 km.

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