The B2B marketing landscape is transforming. Intuition is giving way to data, with businesses like Growder leveraging analytics to understand customers, optimise campaigns, and achieve explosive growth.

Why the data revolution?

The answer is clear: data delivers results. McKinsey reports companies using data-driven B2B sales strategies see growth exceeding market averages, with 15-25 percent EBITDA increases. Additionally, Forrester found that data-driven decision-making leads to a 58 percent higher chance of hitting revenue goals and a staggering 162 percent advantage over competitors.

Growder’s data arsenal

Growder, a leading B2B e-commerce platform for building materials and decor in India, exemplifies the power of data. Here’s how they leverage it:

·       Website analytics: Growder analyses user behaviour to understand product preferences across different retailer types. This allows them to tailor marketing efforts and product recommendations for specific customer segments.

·       Purchase pattern analysis: Growder identifies trends and predicts future demand by tracking order history. This empowers manufacturers to optimise inventory management, ensuring they have the right products in stock at the right time.

The data advantage

Growder’s data-driven approach translates to several advantages:

·       Targeted marketing: Growder delivers personalised messaging to the right audience, maximising campaign effectiveness.

·       Inventory optimisation: Manufacturers can avoid stockouts and overstocking, leading to smoother operations and increased profitability.

·       Customer insights: Growder gains a deeper understanding of customer needs, allowing them to improve the platform and user experience continuously.

Data is the future

By embracing data analytics, B2B businesses like Growder are forging a path to success. Growder’s example demonstrates the power of data-driven marketing, paving the way for a future of stronger customer relationships, sharper competitive edge, and sustainable growth.

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