Ihita Engineering Services Pvt Ltd is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu with its construction unit at a capacity of 20,000 square metres per month, held at Madurai. Founded by a group of young and dynamic entrepreneurs, Ihita has surged upward, in a matter of years, levelling itself amongst the leading aluminium formwork distributors throughout the construction industry. Ihita comprises of a team of young, headstrong formwork designers, ready to cater to any modifications required by the clients. Bringing the designers’ picture to life is a team of manufacturers whose practical skills have earned them a reputed place at Ihita industry. With regard to Ihita aluminium formwork system, it is a monolithic system comprising of formworks for walls, slabs, columns, beams, staircase, projection and lift walls. Aluminium Alloy 6061 is used, Ihita’s standard panel width ranges from 75-600 mm and height varies up to 3m.

Ihita one of the leading aluminium formwork suppliers in the country has found a name for itself, starting from scratch to everything every builder looks for! The company not only design, manufacture and supply formwork in the country, but also exports at a large scale. Ihita feels honoured and grateful to be a part of huge, prestigious projects such as Godrej United-Ihita’s biggest pride with an area of 22,000 sq.m aluminium formwork supplied. The company’s prestigious clients across the country are at Chennai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Pune, Orissa, Kolkata, Mumbai, Adoni-A.P, Vascon Engineers Ltd, Samridhi Realty, Viraj Projects India Pvt Ltd, Tata Projects, NCC Ltd, Aliens Developers, SPCL, Panchsheel Buildtech Pvt Ltd, Godrej Properties Ltd. The company takes pride in mentioning that Ihita is the first aluminium formwork company to supply in Sydney, Australia. Also exporting to South America, Singapore, France and Sri Lanka.

Ranges of products
Wall formwork: Aluminium formwork system for shear walls and elongated columns, used for any type of damp proof retaining wall.

Slab formwork: Simple and fast slab forming method, easy and preferable for flat slabs.

Adjustable aluminium column forms: The name itself indicates the ability of the column form to adjust to any required width of the column. Width ranges from 100-600 mm. Its major advantages are speed and easy erection.

Sandwich formwork system: It consists of two types, such as MS, ply and aluminium, ply. MS frames with plywood for face plate. It is a cost-effective formwork system. Plywood can be replaced after maximum usage. Aluminium frames with plywood for face plate. It is light weight, easily reusable and easy to handle. Plywood can be replaced after maximum usage. Alloy sheet can also be fixed over the plywood to increase the repetition.

Staircase formworks: Simple and easy formwork, designed for any type of staircase. Minimises the difficulty in achieving alignment, construction speed and finish quality.

Lift and core wall formwork: Aluminium formwork system for lift core wall is useful to minimise dimensional problems occurring in alignment, requirement of scaffolding is reduced, single height pouring can be done and it is highly suitable for residential and commercial projects.

Redesigning of aluminium formwork system: Aluminium formwork system can be modified irrespective of suppliers. Redesigning and modification of existing or available formwork system to suit structure. Any additional requirement can be supplied to match with the existing material.

• Sunken provisions
• Electrical boxes prefixing
• Special training programs
• Plumbing and elevation grooves
• Safety soldiers.

Why Ihita aluminium formwork
Ihita formwork has high repetitions of about 200 cycles, with low cost. With Ihita aluminium formwork construction is simple, effective and requires no skilled labours. High-quality finishing is obtained, hence no plastering required, saves up construction time and plastering cost. Saves overhead expenses due to speedy construction guaranteed (7 days cycle). It is not just the price which matters today but a combination of quality, timely-delivery, consistently performing products, and most importantly, a complementing product for an overall project. With ingenious design team, experienced and enthusiastic site engineers and site supervisors, Ihita Aluminium Formworks is now on the path of growth, emerging globally in the building materials market. The achievements of an organisation are the results of the combined efforts of every individual. Ihita wishes its team and clients a Happy 10th Year.

For more details, contact
Senior Sales Manager,
Ihita Engineering Services Pvt Ltd
Mob: 9566057225

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