India is among the top 10 countries across the world for construction equipment and all set to become one of the most exciting markets in the world from a growth capacity perspective.

What are the different solutions and products you will be exhibiting at Excon 2019? Are you displaying new products too?
This will be the third time MB Crusher will be participating at Excon and we are proud to say that with each passing edition of Excon we expand our presence. As a matter of fact, this year we will be doing a live demo for two of our machine categories, while also displaying our entire product portfolio.

We will continue our legacy of conducting a live crushing demo at our stall (OD129 and OD137). But this time, we will also be showcasing the Screening machine (MB-S18) which can be interchangeably used with the same excavator. The idea is to promote and make our potential customers realise that an excavator’s utility can be exponentially enhanced when using MB products, becoming more independent directly at site while eliminating costs, transportation, multiple machines, and saving time which are all very crucial for projects in India. As adherence to project timelines becomes more stringent, we are seeing even more appreciation for our products. We will be launching a new product category this year and we look forward to unveiling it to our visitors.

What does India as a market mean to your business?
India is among the top 10 countries across the world for construction equipment and is poised to grow at a CAGR of over 10 per cent during 2019-25, making it one of the most exciting markets in the world from a growth capacity perspective. For MB Crusher, that excitement has translated into distinct and convincing steps taken in the country. We have come into India with a direct presence with significant investments to ensure an adequate coverage and attention it demands and deserves. Our installed base is growing, and with that the importance of the market to the group.

How is your range of crushing solutions unique in comparison with the other players in the industry?
We at MB maintain a unique focus in the attachment utility category segment. We also proudly invest heavily in R&D. This combination permits us to consolidate our resources and energies in enhancing our skills and products in the specific areas where we are global leaders. Our crusher bucket boasts a very significant market share globally, and the same holds true in India. We have the widest and deepest portfolio in the industry, compatible with any excavator or backhoe of any make. Not only in the crushing space, but also for all sorts of material processing. From cutting to trenching, movement and sorting, crushing to screening – we have a solution for all our clients.

In the age of industrial IoT, do you see it as a value addition in an increasingly automated world?
We see value in anything that brings about efficiency and feasibility. Automation can be tremendous in applications, areas and context where human operated machines are not able to go. IoT essentially brings a smarter, analytical ecosystem to the operations of a company, or a working site. As long as efficiency out scores complication, I am on board. I can think of service as one clear area where IoT could be very of great value, remotely alerting all stakeholders of spare parts, maintenance requirements and so forth.

How do you see the availability of trained operators in India today? How are you supporting this initiative?
In all areas India is growing by leaps and bounds. From adaptation of the latest technologies to the human capital involved at all levels. Anywhere in the world, it is very important for us to provide detailed training to the operators considering that our range of products at times represent a pioneer technology in a particular area. Ours are not traditional attachments.They exponentially enhance the utility of the base machines (excavators, backhoes, etc.). During installation, our service team ensures that we conduct a very detailed oriented training for the operators. We brief them about the operations of the products, how to optimise productivity, undertake proper use and maintenance. We strive to maintain an ongoing communication channel with the operators, checking on operations or literally just to touch base as we are happy to implant a relationship based on comfort and trust.

Can you explain the operational safety benefits of your products?
We feel it is very important to ensure safety and operator comfort. Going back to the importance we place on R&D, our designs minimise cabin vibration and boom stress.

According to you, do you believe that the policy implemented by the government has helped the construction and mining equipment sector to capitalise?
There have been some steps taken by the government that have hindered or put to a complete halt some sectors of the construction industry. Most of which however, have already been well digested. However, I personally and genuinely believe that the government should further promote few initiatives to revive the industry. For example encouraging large institutional investors to invest in projects, welcome international players whether on the service or product side to integrate respective experiences and technologies, create a more conducive ecosystem for all stakeholders vested in the massive investment that Indian infrastructure will absorb over the next 20 years. Mining has had a bit of a tougher time, but it is picking itself up gradually. I have seen nothing but great things happening to the core infrastructure over the past 15 years in the context of India’s stage of economic growth.

Piero Guizzetti, CEO, MB Crusher India.

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