In a market flooded with polyurethane screening media, Anto Sebastian, CEO, Jawstech Engineering reveals the unique factors setting their product apart. The interview explores meticulous grade selection, consciously developed designs, and a commitment to originality.

“Our commitment to originality is reflected in our consciously developed designs.”

Can you share your exciting announcement for this big EXCON event with our readers?

We are not just launching premium products; we are stepping into the realm of ultrapremium products in the engineering and mining sectors—enhanced operational control and performance. EXCON is a prime opportunity for us to demonstrate the capabilities of our ultra-premium WEAR components. Through live demonstrations and interactive sessions, we aim to showcase the unparalleled performance and transformative impact these products can have on mining and aggregate operations. Our strength lies in the versatility offered by our custom formulation elastomer compositions. This allows us to engineer elastomers in a vivid and highly tailored manner, ensuring they seamlessly align with the intricacies of various processes. It’s not just about providing solutions; it’s about crafting elastomers that enhance efficiency and performance across various applications.

In what ways do you foresee the integration of your NEW WEAR RESISTANCE ULTRA PREMIUM Technology contributing to increased efficiency and sustainability in mining and crushing processes?

Integrating our technology optimises processes, reducing downtime and enhancing overall efficiency. Our extensive industry experience also positions us as strategic partners for our clients. By leveraging our deep understanding of the sector, we provide tailored solutions that enhance productivity and elevate their operations. Our commitment is to deliver results beyond expectations, ensuring sustained success for our clients.

Can you elaborate on the conveyor care products you plan to introduce, particularly focusing on the scrapping mechanisms and how they cater to users without extensive engineering knowledge or technical skills?

We’re excited to introduce various scrapping mechanisms designed for ease of use. These products are simple to install and require minimal technical expertise for maintenance. Our goal is to make conveyor care accessible to a broader audience, emphasising the importance of these solutions in preventing industry damages that often go unnoticed.

Why is pipeline coating important, and how can polyurethane coating significantly improve wear life within the pipeline?

Pipeline coating, often overlooked, plays a crucial role. When applied inside the pipeline, polyurethane coating offers a remarkable extension in wear life. The conventional approach of periodic pipeline replacement involves significant time, labour, and expense. By strategically adding JAWS-WEARLAY COATED PIPELINE in critical areas, we can significantly avoid unnecessary interruptions and enhance production efficiency. It’s a proactive solution with long-term benefits.

Jawstech Engineering

What sets your product apart in a market saturated with polyurethane screening media?

Our differentiation lies in meticulous grade selection tailored to the specific engineering conditions – considering factors like hydrolytic stability, fatigue, and the nature of screening (wet or dry). Beyond that, our commitment to originality is reflected in our consciously developed designs. Many replicate existing formats, but a fail-proof design is crucial for optimal performance. Lastly, our product prioritises compatibility, aiming to reduce fixing time on-site, ensuring a seamless and efficient integration that minimises disruptions.


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