As the landscape of material handling equipment evolves, ARISPL is poised to meet emerging trends head-on. From automation to advanced telematics, discover how ARISPL is gearing up for the future.

What future trends do you foresee in the access equipment and MHE sectors, and how is ARISPL reparing to meet these trends?
At ARISPL, we see some big trends in the material handling equipment sector. Companies are shifting towards automation and smart technology, such as remote-controlled operation and telematics, which help with predictive maintenance. Magni Telehandlers are well-equipped with such systems.

Can you detail the engine specifications and capacities of the most popular Magni telehandlers that ARISPL offers?
Magni Telehandlers have two engine options, depending on the emission norms in the individual local markets. The engines are either Volvo or Deutz. ARISPL’s most popular Magni telehandler model is the Magni 5.25, equipped with a powerful Deutz engine producing 136 HP. This Stage V engine meets current emissions norms, ensuring compliance with the latest environmental standards.

The linear powerband provides smooth and consistent power delivery, and the high-torque band offers excellent performance under load. These turbocharged engines ensure robust and reliable performance for various applications. Additionally, the Magni 5.25 can comfortably lift 5 tonnes to a height of 25 meters, making it a versatile and powerful choice for many projects.

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Can you discuss the advantages of advanced software technology and the FOPS/ROPS cab with full visibility for Magni telehandlers?
Magni telehandlers feature advanced software technology that enhances functionality and the user experience. This software offers live dynamic load charts in real-time data monitoring and diagnostics, empowering operators to optimise performance and ensure efficient equipment maintenance. The telehandlers also feature a FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) and ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure) cab with complete visibility. This cab design ensures the highest level of safety for the operator by protecting against falling objects and roll-overs. Additionally, the full-visibility cab offers an unobstructed view. This enhances operator awareness and reduces blind spots, significantly improving safety and operational efficiency on the job site.

How does the 360° rotation tower of the Magni RTH series contribute to its versatility and efficiency on construction sites?
The 360° rotation of the boom in the Magni RTH series telehandlers enhances versatility and efficiency on construction sites. This capability allows the boom to rotate fully around its axis, enabling operators to precisely position loads and perform tasks without repositioning the entire machine. This flexibility is crucial in tight spaces or complex job sites with limited access and manoeuvrability.

How do the compact design and capabilities of Magni telehandlers make them suitable for use in urban environments?
The compact design and capabilities of Magni telehandlers make them ideal for urban environments or sites with limited space. They manoeuvre easily in tight areas where larger equipment cannot operate efficiently. Their precise handling and 360-degree boom rotation enable operators to position loads accurately without requiring extensive manoeuvring space, contributing to efficient operation and safety in dense urban settings.

How does the hydrostatic transmission and four-wheel drive system of the Magni RTH series enhance its performance on rough terrains and slopes?
The Magni RTH series’ hydrostatic transmission and four-wheel drive system enhances its performance on rough terrains and slopes by providing superior traction and control. The hydrostatic transmission allows for smooth and continuous power delivery, adapting automatically to varying terrain conditions without needing gear shifting. The four wheel drive system further enhances traction and stability, enabling the telehandler to manoeuvre confidently over rough terrain, gravel, or inclines. Together, these features optimise performance reduce operator fatigue, and ensure safe operation in challenging outdoor environments.

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