New technologies are largely making way for rapid and sustainable construction while maintaining safety.

The quality and performance of concrete is determined by its microstructure. Composition, its curing conditions and also by the mixing method and mixer conditions used to process the concrete.

Fast and sustainable construction
Stetter concrete batching plants have been manufactured along with concrete recycling plants, dust bag system and dust filter. Concern for our environment, guidelines from legal authorities and above all, an increased awareness of costs are the main reasons for worldwide efforts to solve the concrete industry’s disposal and recycling problems. Sakthikumar says, “Profiting from extensive experience gained with sieve or cyclone separation system, Stetter had already developed and implemented the concrete recycling plant in 1976. Since then, our systems have proved to be unusually reliable, economical and highly wear resistant. Our permanent development efforts have made the Stetter concrete recycling plant, an exceptionally strong product.”
There are different factors at play in manufacturing of transit mixers for fast and sustainable construction. The biggest change the construction industry in India is facing is the implementation of the BS VI norms.

Wilfried Theissen, Managing Director, Putzmeister India says, “The administration appears to be very determined to ensure that the deadline set for a little under a year from now is strictly met. We are working with our partners to ensure a smooth transition such that our customers are not impacted.”

Currently, construction industry is booming with infrastructure projects including roads and ports across the country. New technology is playing a dynamic role to complete projects on time with the quality work.

Nandish Surelia, Director, Maxmech Equipments Pvt Ltd says, “Concrete boom pump is one of those concreting equipment which increase productivity, safety and quality at construction projects including the real estate and infrastructural projects.”

Enhancing concrete quality
The quality in the materials added to the concrete batching plant predominantly determines the quality of concrete, thereby helping to produce homogenous and uniform concrete which is of good quality, says V.G. Sakthikumar, Managing Director, Schwing Stetter India Pvt Ltd. Additives help to delay the setting time of concrete from the batching plant when it’s poured into an open truck, concrete transit or truck mixer. This good quality concrete should be poured or cast continuously in a jobsite to ensure consistency in quality. Regular timely delivery of ready mixed concrete (RMC) batching plant site to a construction site is crucial to project success.

In Stetter concrete batching plants, there are three mixer technologies for varied applications which help achieve homogeneity such as pan mixer, twin-shaft mixer and planetary mixer. The turbo pan mixer used by the manufacturer is known for the mixing quality, thanks to its gearbox-driven arms while the twin-shaft mixer is preferred wherever vast quantities of concrete are to be produced. Planetary mixer produces quality homogenised mixes and outputs, and is ideal for small and large applications, precast, pre-stressed and concrete paver applications.

It is also important to understand that all these plants are operated using control systems which range from semi-automatic (MCI35) to fully automatic (MCI550). The state-of-the-art technology of the batching plants and their reliable quality has helped Schwing Stetter India earn its place as the leader in the RMC equipment industry, says Sakthikumar.

Innovative technologies
Schwing Stetter has introduced No-foundation batching plants for road building industry in the capacities of 110 cu.m per hour. The customers who are not going to be based in the same location for a long time can move the plant without spending much money on erection and site development. This helps the road contractors on cutting down the recurring costs which is almost equivalent to one fifth of the equipment cost itself.

There is no equipment for road repair as such but its batching plants are in demand for construction of concrete roads in the country today.

Cleaner, greener practices are important across industries – the RMC industry is no different. Companies around the world are working on methods to reduce the environmental impact of the production of concrete.

Theissen says, “The most cutting-edge among these are techniques such 3D printing. And while we are starting to see commercial applications, we are not close to commercial viability as yet. What the industry needs to focus on is innovating hand in hand with the ecosystem.”

He adds, “As we advance technologically, we are already seeing labour challenges. This gap will only widen if companies don’t take the responsibility of also training the workforce to handle new technology comfortably and efficiently. The onus should not only be with the consumers of innovations i.e. OEMs. The industry as a whole has to make an effort if we want to truly progress.”

Maxmech has truck mounted concrete boom pump with technology from KCP South Korea. It ensures constant pours even at complex locations and superior construction quality with minimum manpower, energy and overhead extra cost.

“We have successfully mounted our boom pump on the truck chassis of TATA, Mahindra and MAN and supplied to our customers, which are working and serving in many vital real estate and
infrastructure projects in India. Looking at the current market and demand from the industry, we keep
the boom pumps in stock for speedy delivery,” says Surelia.

Regular timely delivery of RMC batching plant to a construction site is crucial for project success.
V.G. Sakthikumar, Managing Director, Schwing Stetter India Pvt Ltd

What the industry needs to focus on is innovating hand in hand with the ecosystem.
Wilfried Theissen, Managing Director, Putzmeister India

Concrete boom pump is the equipment that increases productivity, safety and quality of construction projects.
Nandish Surelia, Director, Maxmech Equipments Pvt Ltd

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