As the construction industry undergoes rapid transformations, Nova Formworks Pvt Ltd, led by Vikas Kumar Mittal, is setting the stage for a global revolution. This article navigates through Nova Formworks’ history, product showcases, sustainability initiatives, and a glimpse into its future endeavours, presenting a compelling narrative of innovation and growth.

It is a goal and a need to stay ahead of the curve in the fast-paced construction business. Nova Formworks Pvt Ltd leads the charge in pushing innovation and sustainability to the forefront of the industry, which Managing Director Vikas Kumar Mittal leads. In a conversation, Mittal provided details about the company’s history, new product advancements, and how the construction industry is changing.

A legacy of innovation

With a legacy spanning over seven years, Nova Formworks has consistently participated in industry events, fostering collaborations and showcasing its cutting-edge solutions. Vikas Kumar Mittal, at the company’s helm, reflects on the journey, “Since 2014, we have been actively participating in industry events, aiming not only to showcase our products but also to gauge the pulse of the market. These platforms have been instrumental in establishing Nova Formworks as a frontrunner in innovative construction solutions.”

Product showcase at Excon

Nova Formworks takes pride in its plastic formwork system, a versatile solution applicable to various projects, including infrastructure, residential, and commercial constructions. To continually enhance their offerings, Mittal revealed, “We’ve recently introduced slab systems and are eagerly anticipating the launch of our monolithic system in the coming year.”

Staying ahead of the curve

The construction industry is known for its fast-paced evolution. When questioned on how Nova Formworks ensures continuous innovation, Mittal sheds light on their approach, “Market dynamics are ever-changing, and we need to adapt swiftly. Our engagement with major contractors and developers provides valuable insights into market needs. This and our dedicated R&D team allow us to stay one step ahead in identifying and addressing those needs.”

Though not exhibited at recent events, the company’s latest addition, the DEX system, has marked a significant milestone. Mittal explains, “While we couldn’t showcase the DEX system at the latest event, its launch signifies our commitment to providing advanced solutions. Despite entering the segment later than some competitors, we believe in delivering products that stand out in quality and functionality.”

Sustainability at the core

Sustainability has become a catchphrase in many industries in this age of increased environmental consciousness. Mittal proudly declares that Nova Formworks is committed to sustainability, “Our plastic formwork system stands as the most environmentally friendly option when compared to traditional materials like aluminium or steel. Reducing energy consumption during manufacturing further solidifies our position as a sustainable choice.”

As the construction industry undergoes rapid transformations, Nova Formworks Pvt Ltd, led by Vikas Kumar Mittal, is setting the stage for a global revolution.

Global expansion

Nova Formworks has not limited its influence to domestic boundaries. Vikas Kumar Mittal shares the company’s global aspirations, “Post-COVID, we’ve expanded our operations into diverse regions such as Dubai, UAE, and Bangladesh. We’ve initiated projects with contractors in these areas, setting the stage for further expansion into Africa. By 2025, we envision Nova Formworks making its mark in at least 12 to 15 countries.”

Inclusivity in construction

In a notable shift, construction sites are witnessing increased gender inclusivity. Mittal reflects on this positive trend, “We’ve observed a growing number of female staff on construction sites. Even within our team, the percentage of female staff has increased to 20% over the past few years. This shift is indicative of a positive change in the industry.”

Regulatory landscape and industry dynamics

The regulatory environment plays a pivotal role in shaping the industry. Mittal provides insights into the regulatory changes, “Comparatively, the regulatory landscape has improved. Initiatives like radar for residential projects have positively impacted builders, reducing defaults and promoting more successful projects. Additionally, judicial changes have alleviated long-standing issues for contractors, indicating a positive trajectory for the industry.”

Future endeavours

Looking ahead, Nova Formworks is focused on further expansion and product development. Mittal reveals, “Our next big project involves developing a monolithic system that can cast slabs, walls, and more in a single go. This advancement aims to eliminate the need for aluminium frameworks.”

In a concluding statement, Vikas Kumar Mittal extends an invitation, “We’re actively seeking rental dealers interested in partnering with us. Individuals or businesses in the construction industry looking to venture into the rental business can connect with us for potential dealership opportunities. We aim to establish a rental presence in every city, promoting accessibility to our innovative solutions.”

Under Vikas Kumar Mittal’s guidance, Nova Formworks is not just a participant in the construction industry; it is a trendsetter, pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability. As the company charts its course into the future, it remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that redefine the standards of the construction sector.

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