Rental or buying formwork equipment depends on timeline of the project says Mahalingam Manikandan, General Director, Paschal Formwork.

What is your strategy to expand business for existing product range?
Paschal Modular formwork is universal formwork and it can support any construction segments because of its simple connection technology “Key bolt” further it’s very easy to assemble in a very short time and does not require the use of high skilled manpower to assemble this formwork. If a new customer sees the formwork on site they are easily able to understand all its benefits. Hence inviting new customers to see the live demonstration helps us to get more lead.

Looking at the present scenario what would you advise for procurement of new range of products? Buy it or rent it, why do you say so?
Rental is beneficial to the construction companies, if the structure is involved with any special formwork usage or customization, also if the formwork is required for a short time basis. If the companies are into long time projects, buying the material is the right solution.

What are your expectations from the industry to capitalise the present market?
Considering the present market condition the industries are facing a real challenge of cash flow cycles, and it’s taking a toll on total cycle of the entire process of end to end solutions. If the industries overcome this issue by the way of getting their bills on time it will help the entire industries development growth.

How are you acclimatising to the fluctuations in material prices?
Yes, it’s a painful truth, but we are committed to provide world class quality to our customers, hence whatever the fluctuation in material prices, we will not pass the load to the customer and likewise there will be no compromise in our committed quality. However we will try to overcome the issue by increasing our work efficiency and with proper planning to avoid any wastage.

With the emerging preference for organised construction methods, how do you see the formwork model developing in India?
The word “organised construction methods” involves various planning and cost efficient parameters, formwork is also one of them. Right selection of formwork pays back, hence even small scale industries are moving towards systematic adaptation of formwork to deliver committed quality.

According to you, what are the drivers of demand in scaffolding & formwork segment?
Every industry is committed to provide safety and quality construction along with time efficiency, Formwork activity in each project plays a vital role, hence the formwork industries need to analyse and understand the customer need and their expectations. Further customer feedback is very essential to work on the new innovations. After sales we are committed to provide world class service in our Vizag factory to use the existing materials with better quality.

What is your company’s outlook for 2022?
Our prime motto is improving construction in India. Hence we are committed to provide cost efficient formwork to all our customers along with pre and post project support. Our aim for 2022 is to reach out to even small contractors and encourage them to use our products to create a safe work atmosphere which will also allow them to focus on quality construction.

Mahalingam Manikandan, General Director, Paschal Formwork (India) Private Limited

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