We expect the relevant policymakers to enhance the existing codes and standards to enrich modern living.

What is your strategy to expand business for your existing range of offerings in the insulation domain?
The only strategy or ambitious goal we have in mind is to minimize the detrimental impact on our surroundings while maximizing the safety and the wellbeing of the people utilizing our product. All our products leverage the seven strengths of stone. We have a range of building insulation products and our innovation in using the strengths of stone can create opportunities and help us to tackle future challenges. We have recently introduced a new product to the market for sandwich panel applications. ROCKWOOL Stonewool Products for sandwich panels are excellent structural core materials for factory-engineered flat and profiles panels. They are suitable for outdoor and indoor applications such as facades, roof, walls, ceilings and heavy-duty sandwich panels for wider spans or greater height. We are constantly occupied with new product development and testing, for example, discovering new product properties, matching required standards etc. Even after 80 years, as stone wool leaders globally, we know there is still so much to learn.

What are the challenges you see are faced by the industry in dealing with upcoming demand and supply?
The challenge is to build sustainable cities that can support their population at present as well as in the future.

ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation products are highly flexible and with the growing environmental concerns, the focus is on the development of sustainable environment and embracing of it. Use of insulation materials for process applications are some of the factors that are expected to increase the demand of insulation materials across a diverse set of industries, including, construction and allied activities, services and utilities, community services, hotels and restaurants, transport services, communication services, commercial complexes, industrial and software parks and so on. Insulation sectors are projected to have a positive impact on this demand. Insulation industry is not new to the market but still there is a need of cognizance. People are not completely aware about the significance of insulation products. We are meeting with the relevant government bodies and policy or law makers to assist informing stringent standards for the building and construction industry and to include insulation products as an essential material for construction. With the emerging economy of India, new products and urban development should help to promote the penetration of insulation products in near future. We can notice the increasing demand of insulation materials especially in Airports, Hospitality and Healthcare segments. ROCKWOOL stone wool products cater to a wide range of applications and are suitable to meet various requirements such as thermal comfort, fire resistance, water repellency, durability, noise reduction and aesthetics. It is all about creating awareness and highlighting the significance of the right insulation to prove its worth.

What is your expectation from the industry bodies and policy makers to capitalise the present market?
Policy makers and industry bodies in India need to capitalize on the market, which is poised for modernization and high growth in the coming years. We expect the relevant policy makers to enhance the existing building codes and standards to enrich modern living. Unless we upgrade our Indian Standard to match the international level for meeting the necessary performance requirements, we may lag in enhancing the energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emission for our Indian industry. We are very optimistic about the positive outlook, which has been observed through various policies and norms in the last few years, but we still have a long way to go.

What is your company’s outlook for 2022?
We are in India for the last eight years and are representing a global brand established for 80 years ago with presence all around the world. Our business has been growing in leaps and bounds in the past years, and we do have a strong outlook for the future to embark on a journey of sustainable business growth. We are looking forward to working with our stakeholders at different levels to provide solutions that will give them the experience to improve their way of living. ROCKWOOL is here to accomplish its purpose, which is “Releasing the natural power of stone to enrich the modern living.”

Vinay Pratap Singh, Business Unit Director, ROXUL ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation India Pvt. Ltd.

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