Innovative Coating Industries manufacturing unit offers the following products for de-greasing, de-rusting chemicals used by dipping or brushing process at room temp. The time for total cleaning is accomplished within 20 to 60 minutes.

Pre-cleaning or surface preparation before painting

It is most essential to completely clean all the oil, loose rust, dust, dirt grease and foreign matters form inside, outside of the steel tubes, angles, channels, metal and fabrications. Post painting anti corrosion depends grossly upon the total and complete pre-cleaning.

Hydrochloric acid based de-rusting

Never use hydrochloric acid for MS or GI tubes pickling. Though it is very fast in cleaning, the acid will surely leave residual acid ions, in the micro-pores and crevices of the metal surface. This phenomenon is called as hydrogen embrittlement. This causes post cleaning corrosion (sub-surface corrosion) on the metal. Rusting will take place with double the speed. Re-rusting can happen from one day to 60 days. Rusting will take place below paint or coating film (creeping corrosion). The chloride fumes are continuously generated from HCl and these fumes pose a great health hazard to the operators, will corrode the steel structures, building trusses, metal buildings, chimney , steel stored in the nearly vicinity of this metal cleaning or pickling area. These fumes spread hydrogen chloride ions in the atmosphere and are very dangerous to mucous membrane and lungs and will prove as a very serious health hazard. These fumes will be extremely detrimental to the overall functioning of the equipments. Salvage costs will prove to be phenomenal in this case.

Process for carbon steel or mild steel and galvanised steel structural fabrications

Rustogel 1406: Rust cleaning and removal process by brushing application

The vertical and standing galvanised steel structures, support structures, get rusted due to oxidation in humid, damp and moisture in the atmosphere. This rust must be removed before applying any kind of paint. Rustogel is a phosphoric acid based de-rusting gel (viscous brush able liquid). It is applied by brushing all over the rested MS or GI fabrication. It is allowed to react with the rust for 10 to15 min. This loosens the rust. This treated surface is water washed neatly and immediately dried by using compressed air blow. The structure must be painted within 8 hours. Rustogel is water based acidic cleaner which is RoHS compliant and safe for workmen. Rustogel is offered at Rs 70 per kg in 35 kg HDPE carbuos packing + vat ex Pune works.

De-rusting process by using oil based chemicals (viz: WD 40 or similar) are very slow in rust removal (There is no chemical etching for rust removal and may need 4 hrs to 24 hrs for moderate rust removal).  Oil based chemical cleaners are basically rust preventives, apart from slow action these cleaners also leave an oil barrier coating on the treated surface. Due to oil film, this will totally mar adhesion for any paint or coating (zinc rich paint coating in this case). Hence oil based cleaners are not recommended for such applications which involve painting process, post de-rusting.

Zinc rich paints or zinc metal sprays

These products offer a uniform zinc metal powder coating on all MS and galvanised metal. When used as recommended, zinc rich paints offer 15 to 20 years of total corrosion free surface. The company offers four products in this range. Zinkote 20 GP and premium and TEFKOTE 21 PTFE teflon blended zinc rich paints grades are offered in 20 litres packing can ex Pune. Thinner for zinc rich paints toluene; XYLENE, stoving (bhatti) thinner or NC thinner number 1 or 2. Do not use GP thinner or MTO. This will gel with paint.

Salient features

These paints or sprays confirm to the requirements of most Indian, British and ASTM specifications. These paints offer 20 to 25 microns film, 88 to 92 per cent zinc in the DFT and zinc purity of 99 per cent+. Pass 500 hrs salt spray (15 yrs + in the normal weather conditions) pass cross cut hatch test for adhesion as per IS specs. Complete details on all these tech properties are available in the company’s website.

Safety precautions

During entire pickling, cleaning and painting process, every operator or worker must use all the safety gear, goggles, rubber aprons, gum boots, hand-gloves etc. In case of spillage or splashing of any of the treatment chemicals flush the affected area with plenty of running water for 2-5 minutes.

Effluent treatment

All wash waters, floor swiping, splashing of chemicals must be neutralised by adding lime water, alkaline water, alkaline waste. Final pH of out-going water must be maintained between 7 to 8.5.

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